OxygenOS Open Beta 21 for the OnePlus 5 and Open Beta 19 for OnePlus 5T

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  1. G_SeptiX
    Froyo Nov 21, 2018

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  2. ethansuleman
    Honeycomb Nov 21, 2018

    ethansuleman , Nov 21, 2018 :
    yes however you said "when they are finished with it" they are finished with the beta which is why its released as a "closed" beta in china. it doesnt matter whether its buggy or not, thats why they have a open beta system in place; for the open beta users to point out the problems. But for them to purposely prolong the release of the android pie update after "claiming they have installed project treble" in the oneplus 5t users, is absolute bs

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  3. G_SeptiX
    Froyo Nov 21, 2018

    G_SeptiX , Nov 21, 2018 :
    I'm sure OnePlus has it's reasons, let's just wait and see what happens in the next day's or week's.

  4. ethansuleman
    Honeycomb Nov 21, 2018

    ethansuleman , Nov 21, 2018 :
    its incredible how oneplus says that this open beta update is fixing bugs but by doing that they added more bugs in the system like the wifi where turning off the wifi and turning it back on lags the phone and turning on bluetooth restarts the phone, problems that were nonexistent in the past betas

  5. B_Purna_Chandu
    Froyo Nov 21, 2018

    B_Purna_Chandu , Nov 21, 2018 :
    Probably today we may get new beta update. As i see open beta 20/18 is pinned till ystdy but today its not. Its just my observation. Hope that will be true.

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  6. G_Viru
    Jelly Bean Nov 21, 2018

    G_Viru , Nov 21, 2018 :
    today is the day

  7. webnizam
    Froyo Nov 21, 2018

    webnizam , Nov 21, 2018 :
    incredible zoom !
    how far it supposed to be lol.
    did they fit a virtual telescope in camera app :D [e]1f601[/e]

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  8. sam311
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 21, 2018

    sam311 , Nov 21, 2018 :
    It is pinned now too

  9. webnizam
    Froyo Nov 21, 2018

    webnizam , Nov 21, 2018 :
    Mr. Observationist is back.
    Let's see :D

  10. U1511495604731
    Eclair Nov 21, 2018

    U1511495604731 , Nov 21, 2018 :
    Android P could be and most likely would be the last Major Android update we'll get on 5T, since it's the 2nd major update pushed by OnePlus for 5T also the intentional or unintentional delay just make it more obvious that they're just focused on their latest flagship device then a year old device. By this time next year there gonna be 2 more new smartphones launched that makes it highly unlikely for us to receive any proper support by then even with Faster update promise due to support of Project Treble.

    So just relax and wait for OnePlus to sort any bugs and kinks to perfect the build and then provide us with a perfect Pie for you to feast on.

    It's not me being pessimistic about the situation but it's more of a logical way of thinking. I would love if OnePlus could suprise us with similar situation to the like of OnePlus 3 and 3T (3 major update).

  11. T0xicated
    Froyo Nov 21, 2018

  12. sam311
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 21, 2018

  13. I_am_Batman
    KitKat Nov 21, 2018

    I_am_Batman , Nov 21, 2018 :
    Closed beta is not for everyone. There is a closed beta even for Oxygen OS. It consists of 50-100 people only. And moreover, Apparently there is a difference between hydrogen OS and oxygen OS.

    And you said, Whether it's a buggy or not, There is a open beta for people to find out the bugs, Right?

    Then what's this? Why are you whining here? If you're certainly sure that's a bug. Submit a report in the bug report section. Open beta is fixing bugs that they are aware of. If you're in beta and you find the bugs. Submit them. They'll be solved. Not in the next beta. But maybe in the future ones. And no one said open beta will be in EXACTLY 15 days. It was an estimate.

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    Honeycomb Nov 21, 2018

    FF7CLOUDSNOBODY , Nov 21, 2018 :
    Oneplus has already said that 3/3t is getting P, so the same setup is probable for the 5/5t with their last update being Q

  15. ClarkNarvas
    Gingerbread Nov 21, 2018

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  16. abhishek0704
    Gingerbread Nov 21, 2018

  17. D1528152286159
    Eclair Nov 21, 2018

  18. Rajtilak1710
    Gingerbread Nov 21, 2018

  19. Q1517371737190
    Froyo Nov 21, 2018

  20. T0xicated
    Froyo Nov 21, 2018

    T0xicated , Nov 21, 2018 :
    Still there but in the second page now