OxygenOS Open Beta 22 for the OnePlus 5 and Open Beta 20 for OnePlus 5T

  1. Manu J.
    OxygenOS Product Staff Member Dec 12, 2018

    Manu J. , Dec 12, 2018 :

    Hey everyone,

    We are very excited to announce that we are ready to roll out Open Beta builds based on Android™ 9.0 Pie™ for OnePlus 5 and 5T , thank you for your patience and we hope you enjoy the Pie.


    • System
      • Updated system to Android™ 9.0 Pie™
      • Brand new UI for Android Pie
      • Brand new navigation gestures (this is only for 5T)
      • Updated Android security patch to 2018.11
      • Optimizations for background app process handling
    • Do Not Disturb mode
      • New Do Not Disturb mode with adjustable settings
    • Communication
      • UI Improvements for emergency rescue
      • Optimized UI for speed dial and calling interface
      • Now able to assign a specific SIM for a specific contact or group of contacts when using dual SIM
    • Parallel Apps
      • Added support for more apps (Telegram, Discord, IMO, Uber, OLA) in parallel apps
    • Weather
      • Now able to switch dynamically to your current location
      • Display more suggestions when the search function is used
      • Fixed an issue that prevented the app from refreshing when the location is changed
      • Fixed an issue that resulted in some users being unable to find certain locations
    Please keep in mind that this is a beta software. These builds are sometimes not as stable as our official OTAs generally are. By installing this update, you accept the potential risks. And please remember to tell us about any bugs you may find using the bug report forums.

    We have integrated the Feedback tool into Community App and you can report bugs and share Logs directly to our bug hunters with the community App.

    To submit a new bug report

    Community app > Profile > Feedback > click on + icon > select a category > fill in the details attach screenshots if any > submit (the tool will capture logs based on the category)


    In some cases, you might have to record the logs for a longer period and reproduce the issue before you can submit a bug report (for example, network drops:
    Community app > Profile > Feedback > click on + icon > select a category > fill in the details attach screenshots if any > start recording (the app records logs in the background > once the issue has been reproduced > Stop Recording > submit

    Do try out the new Feedback tool, it is now much easier and simpler for our community to report bugs and share feedback with us. If you have any questions or need help, please contact [email protected]

    Please note:
    • If you have already flashed an Open Beta (you are currently running the latest Open Beta), you will receive this new build as an OTA.
    • If you are not running open beta software and would like to, please refer to the flashing instructions and the full ROM on the downloads page here
    • Once you migrate to the beta path, you will continue to receive Open Beta OTAs. You will no longer receive the regular Official Stable OTAs.
    • Moving back to the Official OTA path from the Beta path will require a full install and clean flash (full wipe of all data and cache).
    Make sure to let us know how you feel about the beta builds here in the thread too, we are watching.

    Never Settle.

  2. B_Wrath
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    B_Wrath , Dec 12, 2018 :
    For all pie related questions, please read below.
    Note: Please don't create new threads about the issues without reading this. Always use this thread to discuss your beta related issues.
    Thanks to @FaleshC for compiling this list during the Pie release for OP6.

    @FaleshC I have taken the liberty of editing your quote to suit OP5/T. Hope you don't mind.
    Bug update:
    Unable to use mic on third party apps.
    Temp fix: Try denying mic permission for the Google app. (Needs validation, reply to this post if it works)

    Bug: Unable to stream or view downloaded content on Netflix and Amazon prime
    This bug is only faced by people who updated their L1 validation manually at the service center. People who didn't update their widevine don't seem to be having a problem. Thanks to @I_am_Batman for finding the cause.
    If anyone comes up with a fix, I'll add that to this post.
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    camohan , Dec 12, 2018 :
    OMG I can’t believe this!
    Good that you released pie Manu or else I would have beat the hell out of you at today's event (troll). :relaxed:
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    Must be sweet music to ears for you mods:p

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    Patience little one. Patience.

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    Good to see the Pie post for 5/T but would take time for the OTA update to be available I think... It would be region based?

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    Not really. One ends another crops up.

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