OxygenOS Open Beta 23 for the OnePlus 5 and Open Beta 21 for OnePlus 5T

  1. mickey840
    Ice Cream Sandwich Dec 19, 2018

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  2. tepetidis kostas
    Froyo Dec 19, 2018

  3. Q1512762284801
    Donut Dec 19, 2018

    Q1512762284801 , Dec 19, 2018 :
    its on testing version now

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  4. Q1512762284801
    Donut Dec 19, 2018

  5. AndroFan
    Honeycomb Dec 19, 2018

  6. sridhar-rajendran
    Donut Dec 19, 2018

    sridhar-rajendran , Dec 19, 2018 :

    Request to fix few more issues
    1) When am recieving a call, mobile not vibrating when it's in silent mode.
    2) switch to change between inbuilt speaker and Bluetooth speaker is not available now.
    3) phone app crashes frequently.
    4) when connecting to a headphone while in a call , the call gets disconnected.
    5) Phone locks automatically when using it
    6) adaptive brightness is too bright and not adjusting to light
    7) applied white accent colour the icons are not adjusting according to it
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  7. Infinitydrm
    Donut Dec 19, 2018

  8. omarmawal
    Gingerbread Dec 19, 2018

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  9. sam311
    Honeycomb Dec 19, 2018

    sam311 , Dec 19, 2018 :
    We may get it soon...If you know for OnePlus 6 they released two beta's within no time....And within four to five days they delivered the stable version....I think it may happen like that for OnePlus 5T....


  10. Kacey_Howell
    Donut Dec 19, 2018

    Kacey_Howell , Dec 19, 2018 :
    Thanks, it worked like a charm.

    Just thought I would expand a little on what you said in case anyone else has the same question


    1. Download the Official Build for the OnePlus device you have
    2. Make sure it is on the Root directory of Internal Storage (not in any folder)
    3. Reboot into recovery (I used stock, but I have heard it works with TWRP as well)
    4. Put in your pattern/pin you use to unlock the device
    5. Tap "Install from internal storage"
    6. Tap the OS package
    7. go back to the previous screen, DO NOT REBOOT (in stock recovery, the back button in the capacitive button to the right of the fingerprint sensor)
    8. Tap "Wipe data and cache" and then tap "Erase everything(Music, Pics, etc)

    After you are done with that, you can then reboot and you will be back on Oreo if you went that route.

    This is what I did and it worked perfectly.

  11. Austin72
    Gingerbread Dec 19, 2018

  12. prathamesh24
    Froyo Dec 19, 2018

    prathamesh24 , Dec 19, 2018 :
    Lot's of stuttering while scrolling on any screen.
    Plus I don't like quick action setting icons with circles. If i use yellow color accent and icon is white, can't see logo

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  13. DeepakShaji
    Cupcake Dec 19, 2018

    DeepakShaji , Dec 19, 2018 :
    Please resolve camera shutter issue as soon as possible. Major issue with the syncing between the shutter button and shutter sound. Spoiling the photo taking experience. Resolve as soon as possible.

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  14. Yag1z
    Gingerbread Dec 19, 2018

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  15. djaym7
    Gingerbread Dec 19, 2018

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  16. Yag1z
    Gingerbread Dec 19, 2018

    Yag1z , Dec 19, 2018 :
    1)New silent mode doesn't exist vibrate. Use vibrate mode instead of silent mode

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  17. sridhar-rajendran
    Donut Dec 19, 2018

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  18. Rotten Egg
    Honeycomb Dec 19, 2018

    Rotten Egg , Dec 19, 2018 :
    Yet I have not checked all the functions. Thanx @Manu J. & Spl.thanx to OP for faster update.Hope stable very soon.Cheers......

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  19. sridhar-rajendran
    Donut Dec 19, 2018

    sridhar-rajendran , Dec 19, 2018 :
    thank you... found the vibrate mode

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  20. ozantekin18
    Eclair Dec 19, 2018

    ozantekin18 , Dec 19, 2018 :

    After the android system update on oneplus 5t, the phone's automatic turn on - off does not seem to be working properly. It switches off auromaticall however does not switch on automatically at all. Got late for work because the phone was still off and the alarm didn't go off In addition, the fingerprint reader occasionally doesn't work properly either. All this occurred following the update. What might be the solution?

    Thank you