OxygenOS Open Beta 25 for the OnePlus 3 and 16 for the OnePlus 3T (Android O)

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  1. G_Anuj_Yadav_Lbkt
    Gingerbread Oct 22, 2017

  2. Ankitbhat12345
    Jelly Bean Oct 22, 2017

  3. mmddmm1702
    Honeycomb Oct 22, 2017

    mmddmm1702 , Oct 22, 2017 :
    The O2N boot up Screen ist plain awesome.
    One of the Most innovative things OP ever did :D

  4. Topper_Gas
    KitKat Oct 22, 2017

    Topper_Gas , Oct 22, 2017 :
    Not sure having no access to data once a day is a bug you'd expect on a OP beta, when it has already been tested by the closed beta group, usually bugs are minor issues i.e Android Pay not working not major bugs. Perhaps it didn't show up when the closed group tested the beta but there's seems a lot of users on here with the issue if that was the case.

  5. Fast_and_Curious
    Jelly Bean Oct 22, 2017

    Fast_and_Curious , Oct 22, 2017 :
    I uninstalled RCS Service via adb today morning and used the phone as usual. The battery drain due to cell standby has gone down significantly now after I did this.


  6. Auristic
    Lollipop Oct 22, 2017

  7. B.yashaswi
    Ice Cream Sandwich Oct 22, 2017

    B.yashaswi , Oct 22, 2017 :
    bugs i faced in my 3T when updated to Android oreo

    1-when mobile data is switched on nothing happenes it doesn't use any data i need to restart to use data

    2-same happens with wifi as mentioned in 1st one but not as frequent as mobile data happened very less

    3-The major problem that i face is a pop up always displayed on the screen when ever i open a call app(default) one it shows that JIO MONEY app is not responding displays options to wait or close i dont open that app but whenever i open call app a message on screen is displayed about that app but why i don't understand and that app is not stable in this update if i open that app also it displays same message to wait or to close this need to be FIXED as soon as possible

    4-notification bar is not black as previous open beta versions has so quick in notification bar can't be seen in outdoor lighting so make it black grey color is simply not tolerated

    5-provide option to choose different types of Google widget shapes which is like old model squared one provide a rounded one

    6-provide us options to choose amount of blur for the app drawer or provide a option to coincide it with wallpaper

    7-if possible make launcher look like a launcher that is in pixel 2 by making Google widget rounded one and integrating it to the app drawer

    @Adam Krisko

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  8. G_蒲显清_LcRu
    Cupcake Oct 22, 2017

    G_蒲显清_LcRu , Oct 22, 2017 :
    oneplus 3T. 有时候用数据连不上网。包括微信,微波等应用,但是重启手机后,功能又正常了,请尽快解决

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  9. dynamicdn
    Gingerbread Oct 22, 2017

  10. Fast_and_Curious
    Jelly Bean Oct 22, 2017

    Fast_and_Curious , Oct 22, 2017 :
    If you are familiar with adb, backup your phone and in case you might want to restore anything later. Then proceed.

    Fire up the adb using adb devices. Then give the command "adb shell" (without quotes). The command line should say something like $ oneplus3. Then give the following command:

    pm uninstall -k --user 0 <package name>

    You can get the package name using the app named App Inspector.
    Once done it will show "success" and will show "Not installed for this user" for RCS services in app settings.

    Please note, for getting this back only way I know of is a factory reset. So do not forget to backup and make sure you have basic knowledge of using adb commands.

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  11. G_Rui_Fontes_abuL
    Froyo Oct 22, 2017

    G_Rui_Fontes_abuL , Oct 22, 2017 :
    Agree. That's the only reason I downgraded. I don't mind having bugs, fcs, etc. I really mind this network problem, a big problem for me

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  12. Franspain
    Honeycomb Oct 22, 2017

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  13. Franspain
    Honeycomb Oct 22, 2017

    Franspain , Oct 22, 2017 :
    Best not to use "-k" since it leaves traces of the package that you are going to uninstall pm uninstall --user 0 <package name> And attentive in front of USER are two dashes "--"

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  14. Fast_and_Curious
    Jelly Bean Oct 22, 2017

    Fast_and_Curious , Oct 22, 2017 :
    For now, I think its better to keep the traces using -k so there should not be any error while installing further OTA updates. Thats my view atleast for now.

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  15. vintagetech
    Honeycomb Oct 22, 2017

    vintagetech , Oct 22, 2017 :
    The instructions on the OnePlus downloads website indicated you need to switch back to OxygenOS recovery.

  16. F_Mostafa_Serry_iBDK
    Cupcake Oct 22, 2017

  17. VaibhavBhargava
    Lollipop Oct 22, 2017

    VaibhavBhargava , Oct 22, 2017 :
    It's a beta software, so have some patience and post it in the beta thread. Clear your cache (both of them), if the problem persists file a bug complaint.

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  18. Nezumi_
    KitKat Oct 22, 2017

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  19. r.hutton
    Eclair Oct 22, 2017

    r.hutton , Oct 22, 2017 :
    When you say "We" don't include me as it's all ok on my phone, in fact it's "Great"

  20. EnryEvo
    Cupcake Oct 22, 2017

    EnryEvo , Oct 22, 2017 :
    if anyone else have problem with losing data and WiFi connection in this build I've tried to fix it re-flashing the complete zip file (open beta 25 for my OnePlus 3) from settings -> system updates -> gear (in top right corner) -> local update, and I selects the open beta zip folder wich is located in the internal memory ( after the download I cut it from the folder "download" and paste into the main folder "internal memory"). now the problem seems to be fixed almost untill the last 48 hr ...