OxygenOS Open Beta 26 for the OnePlus 5 and Open Beta 24 for OnePlus 5T

  1. Mr_Cyrox
    KitKat Jan 30, 2019

    Mr_Cyrox , Jan 30, 2019 :
    Good joke but no
    Beta threads are never get closed...
    Well not counting the past thread before Pie was out and people where spamming the beta thread on where tf is Pie?

  2. Rotten Egg
    Honeycomb Jan 30, 2019

    Rotten Egg , Jan 30, 2019 :

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  3. C1521286768387
    Eclair Jan 30, 2019

  4. O1542895751445
    Eclair Jan 30, 2019

    O1542895751445 , Jan 30, 2019 :

    Manu J.

    Hi everyone

    We have received reports of OTAfailure and Device not powering on after updating to the latest open beta builds on Oneplus 5 and 5T, based on these reports we had paused the OTA updates.
    please follow the below steps to recover your device if you are one of the affected users.

    scenario one You are able to access the recovery mode

    1)How to enter the recovery mode
    Power the phone off.
    Hold VOLUME DOWN + POWER for 5 seconds > language selection menu

    2) after downloading the full version of the package and the ADB tool on your PC, follow the steps mentioned in the below document to flash the complete package.

    How to flash via ADB Sideload- document
    Click to download the ADB tool: Adb.rar
    Download OOS Full Package


    Scenario two unable to access recovery mode

    please contact the official customer service, the customer service is aware of this issue and they will help you flash the package remotely or you could also visit your nearest ESC.[/QUOTES​
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  5. [email protected]
    Donut Jan 30, 2019

    [email protected] , Jan 30, 2019 :
    Simply you said that are mistake. ..my full back up erased ...before sending update to peoples first you install your phone first ..this s not a joke ..fully unsatiesfied

  6. dennizbiz
    Gingerbread Jan 30, 2019

    dennizbiz , Jan 30, 2019 :
    Backup your data before updating.
    Read and follow the thread for a couple of days before attempting to update.
    Latest update seem to be buggy.
    For those who got update fail and cannot boot black screen and white light should boot fastboot and flash recovery and downgrade and install to earlier build.
    Good luck

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  7. Tcat007
    Honeycomb Jan 30, 2019

    Tcat007 , Jan 30, 2019 :
    No clue then. Just tested mine after 9 hours screen off, touched fingerprint and unlocked in less than 1 second. I believe phone is sleeping since I get 8 hrs sot.

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  8. Tcat007
    Honeycomb Jan 30, 2019

    Tcat007 , Jan 30, 2019 :
    Pie is not forced on anyone, can stay on Oreo if you like it better. I like either. I do like seeing full page in recents, allowed looking at without actually going back to it. Brightness became trained after a week. I rooted, installed substratum and have unlimited theming.

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  9. ash_insiider
    Honeycomb Jan 30, 2019

    ash_insiider , Jan 30, 2019 :
    I have already updated my 5t to open beta 24 without any error, should go back to open beta 23 or leave it as it is?

  10. Shubham Gujjar
    Honeycomb Jan 30, 2019

    Shubham Gujjar , Jan 30, 2019 :
    leave it

  11. Pierre02
    Honeycomb Jan 30, 2019

    Pierre02 , Jan 30, 2019 :
    This build can be flashed on OB25?

  12. Rambo15
    Froyo Jan 30, 2019

    Rambo15 , Jan 30, 2019 :
    if you don't know how to fix it, I won't let anything go wrong.

  13. Imdbadguy
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 30, 2019

    Imdbadguy , Jan 30, 2019 :
    Thank God, I was facing issues with downloading it and had to cancel. Lucky me!!!!

  14. bawng_upa
    Honeycomb Jan 30, 2019

    bawng_upa , Jan 30, 2019 :
    I don't understand one thing about update.
    eSport Mode was suppos to block incoming calls and notifications, but it doesn't work that way.
    Is there something i don't understand the this feature?

  15. RajeshNaveen
    Donut Jan 30, 2019

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  16. Shivam.Sakral
    Honeycomb Jan 30, 2019

  17. HardArtiFact
    Eclair Jan 30, 2019

  18. choby
    Gingerbread Jan 30, 2019

    choby , Jan 30, 2019 :
    update to beta24 with the Full-install zip... for now it's all ok !

  19. Maitrey Bhavsar
    Cupcake Jan 31, 2019

    Maitrey Bhavsar , Jan 31, 2019 :

    Can you please do regression testing? It seems my OnePlus 5T's phone and other applications crashes like hell!

    Don't expect from you people!

    Looking for stable update!

  20. G_Kamal_Hasan_nIkl
    Cupcake Jan 31, 2019