OxygenOS Open Beta 4 for the OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T

  1. Manu J.
    OxygenOS Product Staff Member Jan 15, 2020

    Manu J. , Jan 15, 2020 :
    Hey everyone,

    Here are the latest open beta builds for the OnePlus 6 and 6T.

    NOTE: To succesfully update to Open Beta 4 you need have Open Beta 2 installed on your device. Please first update from older open beta builds to OBT 2, otherwise the update will fail.

    • System
      • Optimized details for Emergency Rescue
      • Added a feature to support reminders for privacy alerts
      • Improved system stability and fixed general bugs
      • Updated Android security patch to 2019.12
    • Phone
      • Added ringtone increasing and decreasing features for incoming call
    • Reading Mode
      • Fresh new chromatic effect for a more immersive and comfortable reading experience with smart color gamut and saturation adjustment (Settings-Display-Reading Mode-Turn on Reading Mode-Chromatic effect)
    1. Please keep in mind that this is beta software. These builds are not as stable as our official OTAs. By installing this update, you accept the potential risks.
    As always, please share your feedback through https://forums.oneplus.com/feedback/. For more information on submitting bugs or suggestions please refer to How to report a bug and feel free to share your product suggestions via the Community app (please assign the category as OnePlus 6/6T with Android 10).

    2. Make sure to let us know how you feel about the beta builds here in the thread too, we look forward to reading your feedback.

    Never Settle.

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    the_o2 , Jan 15, 2020 :
    That's something new....

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    YRJ , Jan 15, 2020 :
    I hope it fixes the camera bug on the OnePlus 6!
    Cannot seem to launch it no matter what o_O

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    Dresa91 , Jan 15, 2020 :
    One word: beta

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    Nah... I hope they don't. I prefer the new notch hiding mode.

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    ironass , Jan 15, 2020 :

    Open Beta test firmware may not always be as stable or as fully functioning as the stock official OxygenOS and installing it is entirely at your own RISK!

    Once on the Open Beta channel, you will no longer receive the stock official OxygenOS OTA updates unless you revert your phone back to stock firmware, which may involve wiping your phone.

    Open Beta is for experienced and competent users to assess and offer constructive feedback and submit detailed bug reports to OnePlus. Therefore, this is not a spoon feeding section of the forums.

    IMPORTANT: You will not be able to install this Open Beta 4 update successfully unless you are already on the Open Beta channel and have previously installed Open Beta 2, "at some stage". If you are new to Open Beta firmware, you will first need to download and install Open Beta 2 via Local Upgrade before you can install the Open Beta 4 OTA update by downloading and installing Open Beta 4 from the official OnePlus Downloads & Updates store and follow the instructions on how to install it via Local Upgrade.

    Do not use Oxygen Updater from the Play Store or attempt to install Open Beta 4 without having first installed Open Beta 2 on your phone previously at some stage.

    (If you cannot open these links in the OnePlus Community app, switch to your Google Chrome browser)

    OPEN BETA 4 very, very, early findings

    Initially, I was, for the first time, unable to pass the Safety Net/CTS check for apps such as GPay, on my global model, rooted 6T phone.

    However, without altering anything in Magisk, I repeated the clearing of Play Store and Play services and I am now passing the Safety Net check, (see screenshot). I can only assume that I may have incorrectly cleared one or other of the apps.




    It also seems to be working on OnePlus 6 models...


    Confirmed working on unrooted phone... https://forums.oneplus.com/threads/o...#post-21258950

    If you have an issue with Safety Net, CTS, it is worth clearing the services I mentioned, rebooting your phone and checking again.

    Also, early days yet, my battery after the initial charge, is holding up OK, see screen shots, and the phone seems snappier.



    Open Beta 4 is basically a reworked release of the Chinese H2SO Open Beta with Google stuff added and then released as a test firmware for Open beta testers. I think that was part of the numbering confusion initially. This has now been rectified in the OnePlus Downloads & Updates store and it is now referred to as Open Beta 4.

    Whenever a new release comes up there can sometimes be a melee and it takes time to settle down... particularly on the Open Beta test firmware releases since there tends to be little or no information given to begin with, as to all the changes. Anyone looking for a so-called fix in the stock keyboards gap at the bottom, which is actually a Google feature to allow for gestures, is out of luck. See screenshot.


    All-in-all, the longer I use this Open Beta 4 test release, the better I like it... so far. I certainly would not now, go back to Android 9 PIE after being on Android 10 for 3 months. [​IMG]

    (The above links DO work. If you cannot open them using the OnePlus Community app, switch to your Google Chrome browser)
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    And I only stated out the reason, so where is the Problem?

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