OxygenOS Open Beta 7 (MM) for OnePlus 3

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  1. G_Mohamed_Sayed_vdHA
    Eclair Nov 18, 2016

    G_Mohamed_Sayed_vdHA , Nov 18, 2016 :
    it worked with me by delete some apk files from the app folder in system folder

  2. G_Sri_lakshmikanth_pBcC
    Donut Nov 18, 2016

    G_Sri_lakshmikanth_pBcC , Nov 18, 2016 :
    the last update for my op3 ws months ago.....u ppl r not leaving official update for op3 .....from past 2 to 3 months only community builds are updating ..I'm using oxegen os version 3.2.7
    waiting for official update !

  3. G_Suresh_Babu_Juluri_Bhl
    Eclair Nov 18, 2016

    G_Suresh_Babu_Juluri_Bhl , Nov 18, 2016 :
    Yes this is a serious concern from people on official update. The promised timeline for official update was 1 month or after 2-3 CBs an official update will happen. I believe oneplus team is lost in CBs testing for 3T and neglected the official update. Hopefully they will be on track from next week as OP3 and 3T get same updates on the official update side.

  4. r47z
    Gingerbread Nov 18, 2016

    r47z , Nov 18, 2016 :
    They announced that 3T would come with OSS 3.5, but I'm guessing it's not even final yet since they released CB to lay out all the bugs. So even they release OSS 3.5 for 3T, I'm expecting it full with bugs.

    The accent color could be just be implemented with a color picker, instead of keep changing the color selection.

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  5. ajaysoranam
    Eclair Nov 18, 2016

    ajaysoranam , Nov 18, 2016 :
    can someone confirm if their widgets are opening up or not, mine doesn't seem to be responding to touches at all!
    not all widgets are unresponsive but quite a few like exkm performance battery mode, shazam, quick reboot and some other.
    please be kind enough to let me know if any of these are working with yours.
    the apps open up just fine it's the damn widgets that are comletely unresposive
    i've also tried a clean install no luck so far.

  6. jeet15
    Eclair Nov 18, 2016

  7. G_Suresh_Babu_Juluri_Bhl
    Eclair Nov 18, 2016

  8. christopheredbert
    Honeycomb Nov 18, 2016

  9. r47z
    Gingerbread Nov 18, 2016

    r47z , Nov 18, 2016 :
    2.3.7 got my 3% for 7hrs...

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  10. deepak3048
    Cupcake Nov 18, 2016

  11. G_Suresh_Babu_Juluri_Bhl
    Eclair Nov 18, 2016

    G_Suresh_Babu_Juluri_Bhl , Nov 18, 2016 :
    Good to hear that we have still better battery performing release. When compared to previous CB this is better.

    Gingerbread Nov 18, 2016

    SHUBHAMRAJPAL , Nov 18, 2016 :
    go to recovery and clear cache memory

  13. G_Deepak_Mani_LOby
    Cupcake Nov 18, 2016

    G_Deepak_Mani_LOby , Nov 18, 2016 :
    Can't flash xposed framework after updating to latest community build. Getting cp: write error: No space left on device.

  14. SivaMaxwell
    Gingerbread Nov 18, 2016

    SivaMaxwell , Nov 18, 2016 :
    I'm facing the same

  15. Surey007
    Cupcake Nov 18, 2016

  16. Dr_Superbot
    Cupcake Nov 18, 2016

    Dr_Superbot , Nov 18, 2016 :
    Hello started downloaded and installed open beta 8 yesterday night and found out following points worth sharing
    1. Over not much change from previous build
    2. Installed over twrp without any issue but u need full zip file
    3. Root is working 100 percent
    4. To install xposed u need to u install some gapps via titanium backup but xposed not working anyways. Device goes into bootloop.
    5. Mostly that's because it's based on nougat and xposed does not support nougat yet
    6 Battery life does not appear to b changed though I used greenify on 3.5.5.
    7. Accent colors in dark theme still same wish I could select custom colors

    That's all for now not tried audio tuner yet will try soon but then will move back to 3.5.5

  17. Dr_Superbot
    Cupcake Nov 18, 2016

    Dr_Superbot , Nov 18, 2016 :

  18. r47z
    Gingerbread Nov 18, 2016

    r47z , Nov 18, 2016 :
    This is just half of the story. When using the phone the battery sucks.. at least in the first 10-15%. The only saving grace is the doze feature works well (if you dont have rogue apps running). That's why the additional 400mah in 3T is so needed.. if you have seen pixel xl's reviews you know what I mean.

  19. Owoturo Oluwatimi
    Froyo Nov 18, 2016

    Owoturo Oluwatimi , Nov 18, 2016 :
    Nope. It's extremely stable. At least on my device. Finally, snapchat works without lagging. The new features are worth it too.

  20. prasetyoh
    Froyo Nov 18, 2016

    prasetyoh , Nov 18, 2016 :
    Just flashed the update from Oxygen recovery and wipe everything after (cache, userdata). The bug from Beta 6 is now gone (can't press any shortcut that shows when we do the first swipe from the top/notification bar. On Beta 6 I need to swipe down again to change the parameters). And the option to press twice to open camera is still there. :)