OxygenOS Open Beta 9 for the OnePlus 7 Pro and 7

  1. NoInspiration
    Honeycomb Feb 14, 2020

  2. Swejuggalo
    KitKat Feb 14, 2020

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  3. Alex_Cerv
    Gingerbread Feb 14, 2020

    Alex_Cerv , Feb 14, 2020 :
    .... most of the time if you are connected to a wifi, you are able to watch 4k videos from utube, if not you will use your data, so what is the point?

    If you have unlimited data, you do not connect to wifi, and if so, is because you do not have enough mobile connection;
    nowadays mobile is faster than home unless you have fiber, so you do not need mobile.(and speeding up does not make sense)

    Sorry but as google ambient display(which OP seems to be so proud) is another useless feature.(at least you need absolutely high speed connection all the time, for what then?)

    my point of view, there are bugs reported first i think, and this is the main sense of a beta.

  4. F1581668072861
    Cupcake Feb 14, 2020

  5. Atul Menon
    Eclair Feb 14, 2020

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  6. Wicked_Sunny03
    Cupcake Feb 14, 2020

    Wicked_Sunny03 , Feb 14, 2020 :
    Hi One Plus Team,

    I request you to please look into gyroscope issues whereas my gyroscope on Oneplus 7 usually keeps moving when it is on rest position.
    Also, please look into screenshot resolution. It's very blur and hardly readable.

    You all are doing great work so far.

  7. Atul Menon
    Eclair Feb 14, 2020

    Atul Menon , Feb 14, 2020 :
    7T series got amoled black

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  8. Liehjan
    Lollipop Feb 14, 2020

    Liehjan , Feb 14, 2020 :
    Facebook has to enable that for oneplus devices, not Oneplus
    Google has to enable that for oneplus devices (it's already rolling out, but it's staged), not Oneplus

  9. Swejuggalo
    KitKat Feb 14, 2020

    Swejuggalo , via OnePlus 7 Pro , Feb 14, 2020 :
    My personal idea is that the new function only kicks in during certain situations where speed of mobile and wifi meets certain conditions. Only then it will be beneficial. If Wifi is good enough adding mobile network to preform some data transfer may actually lower the performance in regards to ping for example.
    Maybe my work network can meet those conditions so I can gather some proof of usefulness.

    So true usefulness will be limited. Too limited mobile data and you will not want to use this feature anyway.

    Reasons to use Wifi over mobile data even if on unlimited data would be stability and speed differences (usually better uploads. And indoors in my case wifi is faster and much lower ping. But outdoors sometimes mobile is faster). Sometimes also battery consumption reasons (device specific... sometimes better sometimes worse)

    I rarely use Assistant so that new feature does not matter much. But nice to have Google releasing it for more devices though.

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  10. N1574875249172
    Cupcake Feb 14, 2020

    N1574875249172 , Feb 14, 2020 :
    please check your dailer app...

  11. RahulSng08
    Froyo Feb 14, 2020

  12. vinay99818
    Donut Feb 14, 2020

  13. N1574875249172
    Cupcake Feb 14, 2020

  14. shadab147
    Gingerbread Feb 14, 2020

  15. c3drik67
    Gingerbread Feb 14, 2020

    c3drik67 , Feb 14, 2020 :
    for you

  16. JmcRepair33
    Honeycomb Feb 14, 2020

    JmcRepair33 , Feb 14, 2020 :
    When it will be released, If not apply at a job as a developer and you will know hen the updates will come out

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  17. c3drik67
    Gingerbread Feb 14, 2020

    c3drik67 , Feb 14, 2020 :
    what does this have to do with openbeta build???

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  19. c3drik67
    Gingerbread Feb 14, 2020

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  20. G_Huynh_Tinh
    Gingerbread Feb 14, 2020

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