PAC-MAN Edition - Change Theme? via OnePlus Nord 2

  1. mcmacker4
    Cupcake Dec 2, 2021

    mcmacker4 , via OnePlus Nord 2 , Dec 2, 2021 :
    Hi, I just got my PacMan edition Nord 2 and it's awesome, but i was hoping to be able to disable the pacman theme.
    I love the phone's design, that's really why I bought it. But the theme that adds yellow text and bright blue borders is just not my style.
    Is there any way to disable it and use the regular OnePlus theme?

  2. mcmacker4
    Cupcake Dec 3, 2021

    mcmacker4 , via OnePlus Nord 2 , Dec 3, 2021 :
    Responding to my own post by quoting an email response that I got from OnePlus:

    "As per your query, it is unfortunate to inform you that you will be unable to change the Pac-Man theme and we have received some requests from users like you about this. For now, we will take it as feedback and our team will release an update with a fix for changing the theme on your device."

    So hopefully the update comes soon.

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  3. Y1541502393799
    Cupcake Dec 28, 2021

    Y1541502393799 , Dec 28, 2021 :
    Please let me know when a update comes out I really dislike the theme got the phone as a gift you see,

    Many thanks

  4. czesc.macio
    Cupcake Jan 11, 2022

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