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  1. Arz Bhatia
    Recognized developer Recognized Developer Jun 17, 2016

    Arz Bhatia , Jun 17, 2016 :

    We are launching brand spanking fresh. All new features. New team members. New everything and we have made sure that everything that we are releasing has been polished to our best.

    A lot went into this version of Paranoid Android, specially on the CAF side (OnePlus / Non-nexus devices). We ship with custom in-house kernels tweaked to provide the best power-battery combo, new functionalities and designs for hardware-specific options like the alert slider and advanced controls just for OnePlus devices - so feel pretty.

    The main features and enhancements that you will probably end up noticing are our custom Quick Settings tile reordering functionality, floating window support, immersive mode, the new on-the-spot interface and CM Theme Engine. There's much more to come, so sit tight!

    Feature highlights

    Floating mode
    Immersive mode
    On-the-spot controls
    Quick settings re-order
    Paranoid OTA (Updates)
    Battery styles
    Advanced power dialog
    Quick pull-down
    Theme engine

    CAF specifics

    Enhanced kernel + control
    Advanced buttons control
    Advanced gesture control
    Alert slider support
    Fingerprint support
    Ambient display support



    Get our latest OnePlus One (bacon) build here.


    As we're getting back into the thread game, keeping up with threads and updating them as per changelogs can be too hectic given our schedule. However, very detailed changelogs always go up on our Google+ page, follow us for constant updates!

    Instructions & requirements

    We highly recommend you to follow these instructions very carefully. Users usually tend to skip a few steps and eventually fall in trouble. Are you with me? Good. Let's get this train going.

    Just a few things to keep in mind first -
    1. If you're coming from another ROM / Stock, your system data (not internal storage) will have to be wiped. This includes apps, accounts, messages, call logs etc.
    2. First thing you need to do is make sure you have the right version of TWRP installed. There are some unofficial ones around causing some issues. So in this case, we highly recommend using TWRP version 3.0.2-0 - It's proven itself to be fairly stable compared to the other versions available. You can get it here.
    3. There's been some users complaining about different GAPPS variants messing up installs and causing a ton of issues. Upon investigating it seems OpenGapps Mini/Nano and Banks GAPPS work best.
    4. Understand that Paranoid Android is a custom ROM and it might lead to addiction as it's relatively good. We shouldn't be accused of anything just incase your cat starts drinking wine. Things get a little woozy in the Paranoid World.
    5. Some brain might be involved if things go wrong. Not a lot though, as much to solve what's 1+1.
    Okay let's get to the main bit -
    1. Once you have all the required files - boot into recovery and wipe the bananas out of your device. Get into the wipe menu and wipe data, system, cache and dalvik cache (basically everything except Internal Storage).
    2. Once wiped, get into the "Install from zip" menu and select the ROM zip. (pa_bacon_6.x...). Once added to the install queue, TWRP will ask you if you want to add more zips into the queue - Click on "add more zips" and select the GAPPS package.
    3. Swipe the bar on the bottom to flash/install zips. Once both zips are done installing - Reboot into system and set-up your device, do not do anything else.
    4. Once you're done setting up your device - well that's when you're done. One thing though - Make sure you DO NOT INSTALL any other zip in the same queue as the ROM & GAPPS. Meaning, do not flash anything like a kernel or a root package while installing the ROM. We recommend you do that AFTER you're done setting up your device.

    Important / Useful links

    As always, we listen to what you have to say. Help us make PA better by submitting good bug reports possibly with a log attached. Learn how to take logs here. Submit bug reports and we'll try to iron out issues as soon as possible - it really helps a lot.

    Our device maintainers and CAF caretakers @xboxfanj , @TheCrazyLex and @Thecrazyskull1 are right here in the OnePlus forums. Mention (@) them if you need some assistance and/or when reporting bugs.

    Cheers and #StayParanoid!

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  2. TheCrazyLex
    Recognized developer Recognized Developer Jun 17, 2016

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  3. SferaDev
    Paranoid Android Jun 17, 2016

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  4. Grarak
    Recognized developer Recognized Developer Jun 17, 2016

  5. robbyf
    Donut Jun 17, 2016

  6. TheCrazyLex
    Recognized developer Recognized Developer Jun 17, 2016

  7. dhairyarc1
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 17, 2016

    dhairyarc1 , Jun 17, 2016 :
    well the first build was bit buggy slow charging high battery drain is it solved now ? any change-logs cant find any?

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  8. Arz Bhatia
    Recognized developer Recognized Developer Jun 17, 2016

    Arz Bhatia , Jun 17, 2016 :
    That should be fixed now! Detailed changelogs can be found on our Google+ page in the release posts. I think we covered up most of what was reported since the initial release. Do you want to know the status of some specific bug which had been reported?

  9. ayaorei
    Gingerbread Jun 17, 2016

    ayaorei , Jun 17, 2016 :
    will flash as soon as i get back home. lat time i checked, i was not able to change mobile network in settings, no other issues. will report back.
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  10. dhairyarc1
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 17, 2016

    dhairyarc1 , Jun 17, 2016 :
    well no thanks will flash asap just wanted to see that slow charging and battery drain has fixed or not as most imp thing for me and secondly yeah one bug camera quality was reported by some user we the change log says that proximity sensor is fixed thats good but no words about charging etc would see that aftr flashing !

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  11. minecabla
    Honeycomb Jun 17, 2016

    minecabla , Jun 17, 2016 :
    Flashing it now!

    update: got stuck on the oneplus boot logo.
    I waited for 20min but then my patience ran out.
    I rebooted to recovery and found out that my hole data partition was gone (corrupted?).
    After doing multiple attemps to recover my data I came to the conclusion that is I could not fix it without losing my data.
    Had to use fastboot and this guide to fix it.

    I do not know what caused this data corruption and I don't blame this ROM.
    Maybe it's because I had my Data partition formated to f2fs.
    Maybe it's because I just installed Multi-ROM and moved my primary ROM to secondary.
    Or maybe it's because of both. I don't know but I'm confident that this isn't caused by this rom.
    I just posted this update here in case someone else encounters the same issue.

    Will try to install this rom again next friday.
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  12. rphlfjrd
    Lollipop Jun 17, 2016

  13. dhairyarc1
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 17, 2016

    dhairyarc1 , Jun 17, 2016 :
    do give us review ! as low on data just 760mb left!

  14. ayaorei
    Gingerbread Jun 17, 2016

    ayaorei , Jun 17, 2016 :
    when you are done can you tell me is the mobile network settings fixed?

  15. TheCrazyLex
    Recognized developer Recognized Developer Jun 17, 2016

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  16. Oschara
    Gingerbread Jun 17, 2016

  17. bleached
    Cupcake Jun 18, 2016

    bleached , Jun 18, 2016 :
    @TheCrazyLex I noticed that gestures for "next music" and "previous music" are inverted. For example I have in settings "draw >" and have set that to "next music". However when I draw ">" I get previous music. If I set "draw >" to "previous music" and try to draw ">" again, I get next music.

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  18. rphlfjrd
    Lollipop Jun 18, 2016

    rphlfjrd , Jun 18, 2016 :
    Hey. What camera blobs are you guys using for bacon? (Asking cuz of raw image capture support)

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  19. rphlfjrd
    Lollipop Jun 18, 2016

    rphlfjrd , Jun 18, 2016 :
    @TheCrazyLex i can confirm this bug.
    (Idk if the log got it)

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  20. Yaznas
    Gingerbread Jun 18, 2016