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  1. Adam Krisko
    KitKat Community Expert Mar 19, 2014

    Adam Krisko , Mar 19, 2014 :
    They chose that to keep costs down and to get this phone out at the earliest they could. When you really study the differences, you'd find only a slight performance bump (which can be achieved by overlooking and a few other small details. The trade off is increased heat and more battery usage, I'm willing to go with the 800 for that. Plus the optimization of the battery mystery tech, and a custom kernel go really far. :)

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  2. Adam Krisko
    KitKat Community Expert Mar 19, 2014

  3. scy1192
    Honeycomb Mar 19, 2014

    scy1192 , Mar 19, 2014 :
    I'm fairly confident that you won't be able to clock up to AB speeds. They were binned for AA for a reason.

    If the problem was heat and battery, the CPU could be limited by the governor to bias the clocks to AA speeds, but still allow room for AB speeds if necessary.

    And as for cost, well, they were supposed to choose the parts first then decide on the price. I can see it as a good cost-cutting measure, but again like many other things on this phone it's settling.

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