Partner or Supporter? Loudly cheering or skilfully whispering?

  1. FakePlasticTree
    Donut Feb 1, 2021

    FakePlasticTree , Feb 1, 2021 :
    2017 Is far beyond us, at that time OnePlus was a nice and fancy niche brand, making its debut in the Westen countries. Here in Europe, unless you were up to date about tech releases, few of us would recognise and even know what OnePlus was. A small, amazing, housing lots of potential and before all, host of a strong community, OnePlus had just launched its series 5, acclaimed by all, it continued with the 6, the 7 and today we have the 8 alongside the brand new Nord Serie.

    Despite great achievements, potentials met, and massive praises from many tech reviews, I feel like the community part of it, started to fade away. Not dissappear, don't get me wrong, simply, well, I felt a shift, from a community as a partner, to a community as a supporter. And so, thoughts after thoughts, some friends and I were feeling left behind when OnePlus had to make important decisions, important shifts and unveiling new phones. Where were the polls, the surveys, the open discussions with team members? Were there hidden, private or even secret? has the Whole community ever been considered as part of the NeverSettle team? Or are we mere distant cheering supporters, making noise by clapping hard, but not loud enough to make real impact, our advices, thoughts and opinions left aside?

    All of it is, of course, a personal feeling, but we were wondering, what does this community feel? Do you feel to be a parter in the process, or more of a supporter? What would you like to become? The doors of 2021 now lie wide open, ready to welcome changes and maybe a collaborative approach to the NeverSettle we all wish and are part of.
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