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  1. Carl Co-founder Staff Member Apr 1, 2018

    Carl, Apr 1, 2018 :

    It's no secret that smartphones have quickly become an integral part of everyday life. We use our phones to stay in touch with loved ones, to navigate from place to place, to play games and keep ourselves entertained. Here at OnePlus, we are no strangers to using our phones. In fact, from the very beginning, Pete and I have always dreamed about finding a way to get paid for using our smartphones. Over time, that dream has turned into a serious pursuit of ours. Over the past few months, we've spent countless hours and many sleepless nights trying to develop a reward system that would allow users to make a profit off the hours they spend using their phones. Today, I'm proud to present PeiCoin, a revolutionary new digital currency that will be deeply integrated with future OxygenOS releases.

    PeiCoin is simple to use and will eventually become accessible to all OnePlus users. In the coming weeks, select members of our community will be invited to participate in the download release of PeiCoin Wallet. From PeiCoin Wallet, users will be able to mine PeiCoin solo or in groups, request and send PeiCoin to other OnePlus users, and exchange PeiCoin for local currency.

    PeiCoin's growth is directly tied to the future of OnePlus. We're confident that one day, PeiCoin will receive world-wide adoption. PeiCoin Wallet will arrive via an OTA update for OxygenOS. We will announce the OTA update on the forums at a later date. Please head to https://oneplus.net/peicoin/ and click on the Get Peid Today button to retweet for a chance to beta-test PeiCoin Wallet and receive one of 6 exclusive minted PeiCoins in the mail. Why 6 coins? Well, we're preparing for a 6-ccessful launch of PeiCoin... and paving the way for something else. What was it again? Oh right, the OnePlus 6. That's all for now—I can't wait to share more soon.

    #GetPeid today.


    How can I acquire my first PeiCoin?

    Head to https://oneplus.net/peicoin/ and click on the Get Peid Today button for a chance to receive a minted PeiCoin in the mail. Please note that availability is limited. We will be randomly selecting participants to receive minted PeiCoins. Eventually, digital PeiCoin will be made available through the PeiCoin Wallet app, which will be bundled with future OxygenOS updates. The in-app tutorial will guide you through the process of mining your first PeiCoin. Not interested? Users can freely opt out of the PeiCoin initiative. No strings attached.

    Is this real?
    Does it sound a little too good to be true? We get that! PeiCoin marks a revolution in cryptocurrency. It’s faster, safer, and completely driven by the OnePlus community. PeiCoin won’t ICO until a later date, which means it isn’t technically real… yet! Keep your eyes on the PeiCoin page and the OnePlus Forums for more information coming soon.

    How do I use my PeiCoins?
    Manage your PeiCoin using the PeiCoin wallet. The app enables you to easily complete transactions, as well purchase and/or mine new PeiCoin.

    Is PeiCoin Wallet available for all regions?
    PeiCoin Wallet will be available in all OnePlus shipping regions.

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    Cheetosdust, Apr 1, 2018 :
    Hey @Carl

    How much PeiCoins I need to buy your costume? ;)

    Also, can you please tell us what the costume is? It's one of the burning questions around the forums - well, it's one of the burning questions to me :p

    Happy Sunday and Happy Easter to those who celebrate it.

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    Harishkasarla, Apr 1, 2018 :
    Do @oneplus_india @Carl @Pete gone out from there mind we are asking to update the camera and improve the camera quality instead of that you guys doing something else which is not that important to yours fans please change your preferences

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    Finally, it seems OnePlus is calling their next phone by its name - and not only "our next device" ;)

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    Vinkel, Apr 1, 2018 :
    Ever heard about April Fools day? I guess not, well happy April fools day.

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    You are giving them ideas to pay you guys in PeiCoins.

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    You're not helping your own cause :D

    OnePlus exposing OnePlus. :eek:

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    pa5t1s, Apr 1, 2018 :
    Are PeiCoins equivalent to Apple Stock options?