Pending Authorization!

  1. ahighfield
    KitKat Nov 6, 2014

    ahighfield , Nov 6, 2014 :
    It's effed up...

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  2. seanamanire
    Honeycomb Nov 6, 2014

  3. seanamanire
    Honeycomb Nov 6, 2014

    seanamanire , Nov 6, 2014 :
    Okay, thank you! Hoping many are still getting out of PA purgatory!

  4. narcisso
    Eclair Nov 6, 2014

    narcisso , Nov 6, 2014 :
    I had

  5. robk84
    Froyo Nov 6, 2014

  6. seanamanire
    Honeycomb Nov 6, 2014

  7. OrbitalGuy
    Donut Nov 6, 2014

  8. ahighfield
    KitKat Nov 6, 2014

    ahighfield , Nov 6, 2014 :
    I'm right with u bro, I am not sure what's worse, stuck in limbo or rolling the dice again with an invite...

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  9. NicolasVR
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 6, 2014

    NicolasVR , Nov 6, 2014 :
    The pending auth is not FIFO. I've heard of people who ordered at least an hour slower than me and already have their OPO shipped.
    So yeah, you & me both are screwed here. I can only hope they proces me tomorrow. Not knowing what the result will be is even worse for me atm.

    Ow yeah, just for funs: regarding the original ETD I should've the OPO tomorrow. I guess that is not happening :p

  10. ian1p1
    Gingerbread Nov 6, 2014

    ian1p1 , Nov 6, 2014 :
    Same boat here!

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  11. ahighfield
    KitKat Nov 6, 2014

    ahighfield , Nov 6, 2014 :
    The only other person I know from hong Kong that preordered was 30 mins behind me and received their phone on 4 Nov... It's mind boggling

  12. shuvadeepkundu
    Donut Nov 6, 2014

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  13. jordonf9
    Gingerbread Nov 6, 2014

    jordonf9 , Nov 6, 2014 :
    I just bought a jacket and some nick nacks past 2 days on my paypal no problem. So will see when OPO actually charges and ships mine.

    See if it is worth the money, or worth selling to someone who isn't patient :p haha

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  14. AYEHAN
    Gingerbread Nov 6, 2014

    AYEHAN , Nov 6, 2014 :
    anyone from Maryland got his phone? what will be the time frame between processing to door step

  15. VishalP92
    Eclair Nov 6, 2014

    VishalP92 , Nov 6, 2014 :
    Cant seem to find the support page that says what each status means? Someone mind forwarding me the link? I apologize in advance if this has already been asked.

  16. DavidHolden
    Honeycomb Nov 6, 2014

    DavidHolden , Nov 6, 2014 :
    Well if the phones are coming out of Shaky,and so it is close to noon now,we may still have a chance of them being shipped today.I HOPE

  17. trfree8126
    Froyo Nov 6, 2014

    trfree8126 , Nov 6, 2014 :
    I hope you are right. I'm tired of using a borrowed iPhone 4s. Should have never traded my Note 2 for a Note 4 (then returned it).

  18. jlyon
    Cupcake Nov 6, 2014

    jlyon , Nov 6, 2014 :
    I was stuck in "Pending Authorization" from Friday morning until yesterday at about 5:15 pm (Pacific Standard Time). At that time, I got the email saying that my shipment is ready, but 15 minutes later they sent me the email about about them canceling my order and how they would give me an invite within 2 business days. By about 9pm, when I checked my order status, it wasn't canceled, instead it was shown as "Processing". Today, I checked Paypal, and my payment did go through successfully (I'm 100% sure about this. It lists it as completed, plus they subtracted the charge from my Paypal balance). Is this normal? Is my order fine? It is still shown in my account as processing (It's been processing for about 15 hours now).

    By the way, in Paypal, when I select the transaction. The shipping address is still blank, which I heard would be filled in when the payment completed. What do you guys think?

  19. DavidHolden
    Honeycomb Nov 6, 2014

  20. AYEHAN
    Gingerbread Nov 6, 2014

    AYEHAN , Nov 6, 2014 :
    1. Pending payment: the order was placed and waiting for the payment;

    2. Pending shipment: payment was made successfully, we will proceed the order to logistic soon;

    3. Processing: logistic received the order information, and proceeded the shipping request to warehouse already;

    4. Complete: warehouse dispatched the shipment, tracking information was already sent to your email.