Pending Shipment.

  1. VootFr
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 8, 2014

    VootFr , Jul 8, 2014 :
    Ok, I don't think you should worry, a lot of people that payed for the phone the 30th see their command switching from "pending" to "processing", it will be your turn soon ;)

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  2. designpatrol
    Froyo Jul 8, 2014

    designpatrol , Jul 8, 2014 :
    From https://forums.oneplus.net/threads/people-are-complaining-about-shipment.49799/#post-2269279

    'Since most of us are used to services where shipment is smooth and the process starts within minutes after order is placed, we have to understand that some people get upset when "pending shipment" is all they see for more than three days. We are early adopters and trend setters and it's in our nature to be impatient. But apparently there's too many of us and the company can't cope with the demand.'

  3. H1GHWAvE
    Froyo Jul 8, 2014

  4. Emanuell Hitardo
    Honeycomb Jul 8, 2014

    Emanuell Hitardo , Jul 8, 2014 :
    Guys, keep calm!

    As it said to us - in this thread - "two large shipments (...) were delayed by many small issues compounded".
    But, OnePlus send the invites to our email inbox, as a way to keep us happy.
    I appreciated it.
    Because it put a BIG smile on my face.

    But, alltought you received an invite, the phones were not at the EU warehouse.
    Pending status was indicating that the warehouse was waiting for the batch of phones to arrive to process each order.

    Today all the orders that the batch can fulfill are being processed. And will be shipped in a near future.
    All those who have still Pending will be changed when another batch arrive at the EU warehouse.

    So, keep calm, because your phone will arrive soon :)

    Did you forget the happiness of receiving an invite?
    I certainly did not, because I am still smiling :))

  5. GaiaXxXKiller
    Cupcake Jul 8, 2014

    GaiaXxXKiller , Jul 8, 2014 :
    Indeed guys. Chill out. Orderd mine on the 4th of July
    It's not like your dead grandma will rise up from the dead (with new baked cookies)