Performance Tips for the OnePlus 7 Pro

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    KnightofScorpio , Jul 16, 2019 :

    Greetings OnePlus Community. We the OnePlus Brand Ambassadors, Me, David Washington, a 29-year-old resident, born and raised of Detroit, MI, and Randy, @Texasaggie1 on the forums, are here today to bring you some tips to keep your OnePlus 7 Pro running as smooth and in-sync as an Olympic figure skating performance.


    The OnePlus 7 Pro is an amazing device - we know that when it comes down to performance, it runs laps around the competition with the latest and greatest Snapdragon 855 mobile platform, a 6.67” AMOLED QHD+ display with a 90Hz refresh rate, up to 12 GB of RAM, brand new UFS 3.0 storage solution, under the hood of Android Pie, fueled by OxygenOS. There’s really not much of anything that you need to do to achieve such show-stopping performance, but just in case you run into a few hurdles, and to make sure performance is consistently on its marks to go, here are a few tips.

    #1 Clear out your storage.

    Once your smartphone gets to around 90 full% total storage, it starts to move very sluggish, as stated by Google . I know this from personal experience.

    There are a few methods you can use clean your OnePlus smartphone:
    • Manually remove photos, apps, videos, music, documents yourself
    • Use Google’s Files by Google app to free up junk files, photos and videos collectively or individually as it goes through the largest storage consuming folders. It even offers Google Photos back-up option to free up photos and videos that are already backed up into Google Photos.
      • With that being said you can use Google Photos to back up your photos and videos, and then free up space from your OP7 Pro of those photos and videos already backed up
    • Mobile online backup services. I (David) use one called iDriveOnline that I’ve used for over 5 years. I got a lifetime membership through a special deal with Android Authority. It backs up everything, photos, videos, music, documents, etc. It will even back them up in the specific folders you’ve organized on your device, so you can access them via the app, organized the way you had them on your smartphone, also allowing you to download organized the same way.
      • Randy uses "AutoSync for Dropbox" to offload files no longer needed on his device. Dark mode off course . I also use it for backing up my files because I wipe my devices often since I'm always messing around with custom roms and things like that.

    #2 Use Android Pie’s Adaptive Battery feature

    Not only does it help to save battery, Adaptive Battery also helps you reduce overall CPU usage by 5%, and 30% for CPU wakeups for apps, as stated at Google's I/O developer conference in 2018, according to Venture Beat . I’ve been using this since I’ve gotten my OP7 Pro. You use it as such, Settings > Battery > Battery > Adaptive Battery > Use Adaptive Battery.


    This feature automatically places apps into buckets, prioritizing the amount of resources needed, dependent on your use of said apps. You can manually adjust this by going to Settings > System > Developer Options > Standby apps (I use the search window to find it). You then click on each individual app to change the priority bucket each app is placed into, which you also have the search feature to make it more convenient. Google has a resource that explains each priority bucket . My advice would be to go to the apps you most use, check out the resource, and if the apps aren’t placed into the right bucket, assign them to the right priority bucket.

    Note: You access developer options by going to Settings > About Phone > Tap Build number 8 times. It will then ask for your 4 digit PIN. This unlocks Developer Options under your Settings menu (Systems > System > Developer Options).


    #3 Use OnePlus’s RAM Boost feature

    You can access this feature by going to Settings > System > Ram Boost (Scroll down to the bottom). The feature increases RAM utilization according to usage.


    To understand this feature more, we must first understand what is RAM. Itstillworks explains this in relation to computers, but of course smartphones are mini computers (WindowsCentral, 2018), so the same applies, RAM stands for Random Access Memory, and it is used to store information for the CPU, that the system (Android) needs quickly. This includes open files and data related to open apps. Why is RAM relevant to your OnePlus smartphone's performance? The more RAM, the more apps and larger files you can use at the same time without affecting performance. RAM may not change the speed of the CPU on your OnePlus smartphone, but if your smartphone’s RAM is full, your smartphone will slow down. Antonio Villas-Boas of Business Insider (2018) explains it best, "You can think of RAM as your pocket and your phone's main storage as your backpack. It's much faster to pull something out of your pocket than it is to pull something out from your backpack." RAM is like a specialized assistant for apps, ready to pull up any app, quickly, exactly how you like it (the way you left it). UFS 3.0 is the library that houses all the data, that RAM has access to, holding onto the apps information for use when you need to run the app. So, I would think of this as RAM as the short-term memory, and UFS 3.0 as the whole memory bank. Can’t have one without the other; two heads are better than one.

    RAM is like the saying, “you never forget how to ride a bike.” You just pick up where you left off. So, instead of your OnePlus smartphone having to start over, processing opening the app again, it's like it's on standby to easily open again. In simple terms, the app is "benched” (in the memory bank), to tag back in, to play. This allows you to quickly open back up the app, or switch between multiple apps because your OnePlus smartphone remembers the in’s and out’s to run the apps efficiently. As we know, practice makes perfect, so once you do something many times, you gain experience to know how to do it better the next time.

    Hope this made sense. I explained it in a way that RAM made sense to me, so hopefully it makes sense to you all.

    #4 Restarting your OnePlus smartphone

    This is an old trick I’ve been using since the start of my time with Android (2009 with the T-Mobile MyToucH 3G). Just like with your laptop or desktops, you get a blue screen, or it starts freezing up you simply restart it. Why does this work? Cameron Summerson of How-To Geek (2018) states,

    "It’s actually really simple: when you restart your phone, everything that’s in RAM is cleared out. All the fragments of previously running apps are purged, and all currently open apps are killed. When the phone reboots, RAM is basically “cleaned,” so you’re starting with a fresh slate."

    Google themselves state it’s a remedy to speed up the performance of your Android smartphone.

    #5 Switch OnePlus 7 Pro refresh rate to 90Hz

    This doesn’t necessarily improve performance per se, but it does make everything more smooth and fluid from and an eye-to-screen POV. Now, it does decrease battery life a tad, so it’s up to you. Personally, I see the biggest difference in this feature when playing a graphic-intensive game like Asphalt 9: Legends.


    #6 Lower your Animation Speed Values

    The Android OS lets you play around with your animation speeds. This is mostly a "cosmetic" performance change but it really does make your device feel faster. The higher the value the SLOWER the animation. Android OS default is usually 1x. I (Randy) like to change mine to .5x (or even lower using the SystemUI Tuner app from the play store), as soon as I get into developer options . Give it a try and let us know what you think in the comment section below.


    #7 Check Your Apps

    If you constantly get “_______ is not responding,” or if you start using an app, it starts to lag, acting weird, and afterwards your phone seem buggy, it's probably a faulty app, and you should probably look for an alternative. If your OnePlus smartphone initially was running fast, but recently started to run sluggishly, check the last few apps you’ve downloaded, one of them probably is the culprit that needs to be removed. Sometimes we think it's the device itself, but it's really a bad app that makes our smartphone's performance clunky. Think of it like this, it’s like buying a brand new laptop, optimal performing laptop, then suddenly it goes bad after using for a little while. You know you've purchased the top, top of the line laptop, so you don't understand why it isn’t running smooth. Well, it could be the program is using lots of your CPU's resources (like many of us know Google Chrome tends to do that a lot on desktop), or a program has released a virus onto your laptop. As the saying goes, "watch the company you keep." It’s nothing wrong with the device itself, it’s what you put onto the device.

    I myself, have been guilty of seeing those “is not responding” pop-ups, and I’ll either select wait, and continue using the app, or I’ll choose close, and sometimes submit an empty bug report. It’s not the best choice. So, be mindful of the apps you use, check Google Play Store ratings, read user reviews, Google search the apps, reading threads, articles, and things of the like. I’ve found things on XDA, Reddit, and other places about apps that may be problematic. Uninstall the apps. As expansive as the Google Play store is, it’s more than likely that you’ll find a healthier alternative.

    There are some apps that are resource hogs, I haven’t had too many experiences with them, except with one, Google Chrome. I noticed when opening up webpages from social media posts, or Google searches were a tad bit slow, and seemed to bug out every so often. I recently tried out Google Chrome again, and it got so bad that the OP7 Pro system sent me a push notification that Google Chrome is draining my battery severely, and gave me the option to force stop, letting me know that it is a resource hog.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I found that a good alternative browser is the NoxBrowser, which is much liter browser, simple UI, with great features a built-in AD blocker, and also Brave Browser. Their AD blockers save your browser time from having to load those on-page ads, pop-up websites, and protect against malware and other security risk that may slow down your device. Both have about the same features. Due to their simple UI, security features, and liter packaging, they help give you OnePlus a smoother experience.

    If you are feeling brave, Randy will show you how to disable them when you aren't using them in the "For Advanced Users" section below.

    #8 For Advanced Users - Use the Island App to Disable Apps You Aren't Using

    The Android OS has a feature called "Android for Work" that Oxygen OS fully supports. The Island App is a play store app that takes full advantage of the feature allowing you to freeze (disable) ANY app on your phone. Since Oxygen OS is so low on bloat, I (Randy) use it mostly to disable apps when I'm not using them… especially resource hogs like Facebook and Facebook messenger. In the video below I'll give an overview of how to install it on your phone. This is for advanced users only:

    Hope you all enjoyed this post. Speed and performance is the core of a OnePlus smartphone; so providing you all with tips to keep your OnePlus smartphones running optimally is our goal. OnePlus has done some of the work for you with built-in features like RAM Boost and Adaptive Battery, saving you the headache of heavy research and tinkering. 90Hz refresh rate is available to kick things into the next gear, so all your OnePlus 7 Pro task go from steps to a glide; though it doesn't hurt to turn it down a notch on the animations for a steadier ride. Lastly, be mindful of the apps you download, making sure to manage which are priority and aren't, keep your storage above 10%, and refresh with a restart every so often. These tips should keep your 7 Pro smooth sailing.
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    I have got one problem with one plus 7 . while watching FB video, I just went back to another app but the video is still working, why? and in what's app audio msgs are poising in between

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    omg awesome performance and tips I am so so happy to know that tips thank you for improving my knowledge

    now rocking with OnePlus concept and OnePlus team
    am feeling lucky and happy. with OnePlus branded family.

    thank you

    Never settle never compromised -: the legend OnePlus

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    Also removing the Google garbage will help to increase battery. This really sucks on Android that Google cannot be removed via standard uninstallation.

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    Thank you so much for the clear useful tips. Loved it - OP7 Pro :)


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    One question, Do we need to change Window or Transition animation scale to 0.5 ? or Animator duration scale to 0.5?


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    You're welcome! Glad you're a part of the OnePlus family. :cool:

    Some of Google services does impair battery life. Hopefully as time goes on, we'll have more power to easily remove it.

    @Texasaggie1 will help you with that.

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    Interesting thread , but I haven't seen the OP7 Pro run laps around anything in Speed test G the true performance test for devices on the same platform.
    S10+ 5G
    Xperia 1
    Have all done a number on the 7 Pro.

    UFS 3.0 as shown in a Gary Explains video is actually slower than 2.1 in real world usage.:D

    But yeah some useful tip for Noobs.;)

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    Change Both Animation Scale as well as Duration Scale to 0.5x and your device will feel snappier. ;)

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    :) Thank you Shivang

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