Pete Lau, do you fear the risk of devices not getting sold?

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  1. shreekrishna
    Gingerbread May 13, 2014

    shreekrishna , May 13, 2014 :
    "Later in June - Increased general availability, people who want it should be able to get an invite without much trouble in June."

    Does this statement means, they're really aware there's a lot more trouble with the invite system? If people at OnePlus fears the the risk of devices not being sold, they don't need to anymore. because, OnePlus One is so popular and great device that nobody can stand without buying it whenever they're available. But that's if and only if they get to buy. So, Pete Lau, please don't worry, we're with you and please produce as many devices and as soon as possible. and one personal request to you, make it available in Nepal too. I know it would be a pain in the *** to step your feet out in Nepal. But still, your phone is so underpriced and above all the latest and greatest phone that people with so called flagship device will buy it without a second thought.

  2. pritambhadane
    Gingerbread May 13, 2014