[Answered] Phone Answering

  1. GabrielA.
    Donut Jan 22, 2019

    GabrielA. , Jan 22, 2019 :
    Hi, when I was running at least Android 8.1 Oreo, not very long ago, I always used to slide from down to up in order to answer phone calls, a so called natural habit created by you guys in Oxygen OS, that became a subconsciously I always tend to answer and I basically shut calls to everyone by your mistake in reversing the order of answering calls. On this new Pie OS, I have to slide down from upper middle. You guys are insane to just turn things upside down when in fact they were perfect, you only damage the goods this way. I now more than 5 times just hang up on my old boss which has a hard time to understand technology and understand why I keeping ignoring his calls and similar stuff like this happens with my relatives, friends and individuals in my business and private life. Please just do something about it, a natural way to answer is to upper swipe, that's positive, calm and chill, when you swipe down, that's a negative way to do it, down is low, small, cold and always negative. When you feel good and dance you do it with the hands in the air. I mean you guys had it right, you just had to update the OS team and not the good function itself.
    My apologies for being naughty buy I personally want this feature back and I'd never imagined I had to change the way I'm trying to basically answer a simple phone call!

    Kind regards, Gabriel

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