phone hangs/freezes

  1. Ganeshgvs Froyo Jul 15, 2019

    Ganeshgvs, Jul 15, 2019 :
    My phone oneplus 7 prois getting hung for sometime , and black screen appears.

    after waiting for 12 hours nothing happens, went to service centre they force restart by power and volume button combinations, they completely installed the os/software again.

    again it happened after 15 days but this time service centre asked to keep mobile for observation, but as believed it will happen after a month , I refused to keep my mobile there and asked them to do basic tests, though nothing found in those tests.

    after 15 days again it got freezed and as I know even if I go to service centre, phone is getting force restarted, this time i did it my self.

    but now i want to know how/why it happened and I want a resolution for this.

    i doubt it is a hardware issue , but dont have any proof tell that.

    let me know what should I do now.