Phone issue via OnePlus Nord 2

  1. E1634278210941
    Cupcake Nov 30, 2021

    E1634278210941 , via OnePlus Nord 2 , Nov 30, 2021 :
    For the time i have purchase this OnePlus nord 2 5G, I am facing an issue, whenever i am on a calls i have noticed that my inter goes off and i am unable to acess it, i have tried using singe some also but face the same issue, I have tried switching my sim for 1st sim tray to 2nd sim tray i have same issue however i have 2 sim and both the sim has internet acess but i can't access both of it when ever i am on a call i have called several times there were no proper service given to me, last to last week I have had a call from one the executive and asked me to some development mode active and go to *#800# and shere the details on email, i have even done that. Few days later i have received an update on my phone i have updated also after that one more issue I started facing, that again and again my device goes automatically to DND mode. I have been missing mostly all of my calls just because I my device is going on DND mode automatically. And again there where no support and still my 1st issue is not yet resolved and i have an 2nd issue... I have even called the customer service centre and for there I got a feedback that I have to use my divice with internet there no option... And finally i was said that your free to take a new phone and there is nothing that we can do for this phone i have been spending 30k and it's still in emi... The customer service was very roughly.... Unexpected response was give and no proper solution..It .very very sad and disappointed with such services.

    I will posting this entire issue on social media platforms...and go beyond what ever it take for me to do..

  2. isachinpal
    Gingerbread Dec 1, 2021