Phone Usage in a single charge

  1. G_Curious_Seeker_iSOR
    Eclair May 11, 2018

    G_Curious_Seeker_iSOR , May 11, 2018 :
    Better late than never.

    The OnePlus 5, with its 3300 mAh battery, can provide an usage time of upto 1 day - and sometimes a bit more - in a single charge if we don't use much social apps and restrict our internet usage. I do prefer connecting to the internet with WiFi instead of Cellular data (which provides a huge battery boost). I guess when we cut down on unproductive work (like social media) we can get our work done much more effeciently and also saves the life of our phone's battery.

    One day I was surprised that I didn't charge my phone for almost 2 days and the battery left was still 5%.

  2. FlightTribe
    Froyo May 11, 2018

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