[Pic's & Video] My sort of review of the Bamboo Styleswap Cover.

  1. Vancasteren
    Eclair Feb 12, 2015

    Vancasteren , Feb 12, 2015 :

    1. Getting the invite and ordering it
    2. The waiting period
    3. Finally; getting it and the aftermath

    So, lets start with a little introduction,

    I am a student from The Netherlands and I've had the One since 16-09-14. Once I saw the bamboo styleswap cover it already won me over, I had to get one. As months passed by I was too lazy to do my best to get an invite on the forums. Had a busy life at school, at home, etc. Than, a good friend of mine actually had bought a bamboo styleswap himself, this was around halfway through January, and I realised it really is as good as it looks! I held it in my hand and just touched the bamboo, it felt so outstandingly good and I just had to go and get one. So I started being a bit more active on the forums, and when I say a bit I really mean a bit, but nevertheless I found someone who wanted to give me an invite for the bamboo cover. Well he basically found me, he contacted me through a direct message saying; do you still need the phone? That got me so excited, I finally had a chance to order it! This shows how awesome the oneplus community is, it really shares the love!

    When I finally received the invite it all went very easy onwards. I just placed it in my shopping cart and proceeded to checkout. I noticed a bit of shipping costs, which is normal in my opinion. It was around €4,50 so nothing mind blowing. When I placed the order I got an confirmation E-Mail as expected, so everything was fine and dandy. I live in the Netherlands as I stated before so my shipping would come from England, just like my phone did. But this time the delivery came with Royal Mail, which is the standard mail delivery company from the United Kingdom. After a business day or two, I received an E-Mail saying my order is away for delivery, got my excited again! But than I noticed something, something I didn't quite expect; There was no track and trace code available. I immediately went over to support, looked through the FAQ and couldn't find an answer to my problem. I proceeded to send out an E-Mail to the oneplus support team and I got a reply within 45 minutes! How mental is that! The guy from the support division just said that my package weighs less then 500 grams, so it goes along with ordinary mail. They said just to wait it out, should be around 3-5 business days to arrive from England.

    And yes, they were right. My package arrived 3 business later. No signature was required as it was ordinary mail. Once I got home and looked at my mailbox, I noticed a package that was well, well packaged. I went into my living room to open the package, and yes, there it was, the high standard packaging you would expect from Oneplus. It was basically the same packaging as the phone, but just a bit smaller. I opened it up, took the little sticker off and continued to unpack everything. (I will post a short video of the beginning of the unboxing.) I took the cover out, saw the half Chinese-half English manual, and placed the phone down to start with the swap. At first it was a bit uncomfortable getting the old sandstone cover off, because it required both a 3.5mm jack and the tool that goes along with it. And using the tool was a thing on its own; you first had to open the phone a tiny bit with the 3.5mm jack, but than the fun began, the tool was coming into play. I also advise using the manual to the full 100%, it was more than usefull to me. The most tricky part with the tool was getting around the corners without either hurting yourself or harming the sandstone cover. Once I got it off, the bamboo case went on like a breeze. I did notice my phone getting a bit thicker, but nothing special. Once I got it on, it felt really authentic like bamboo and just really premium in general.

    This was my sort of review about the bamboo styleswap cover, I hope it was not too long and I hope it doesn't have too much spelling mistakes as English is not my main language :)

    I will post the pictures and the video down below (Warning, large picture's):

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Thankyou for reading ;)


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  2. Mydealz
    Ice Cream Sandwich Feb 12, 2015

    Mydealz , Feb 12, 2015 :
    Nice, thank you.
    Basically, I had the same experience, though not being in the Netherlands, but in Germany, which, to be fair, isn't far away.

    After applying the bamboo cover, my OPO booted into recovery. Obviously, something was wrong with the volume rocker.
    I tried to adjust two times, taking off the cover and putting it on again, to no avail. Finally, I swapped the volume rocker thingy from the sandstone cover with the one from the bamboo cover, and all my problems were solved.

    I don't know if the volume rocker thingy of the bamboo cover is damaged or just was put in the wrong way round or if it was an error on my part. I'll probably investigate whenever I'll get my next styleswap cover. Carbon, or something.

    The look of the phone is gorgeous, I could look at it the whole evening.

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