Plant a Tree with #OxygenOS : We Did It!

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    Joel Jacob , Sep 15, 2020 :

    Hey everyone,

    Exactly one year ago, this time – we were wrapping up our celebrations for 1500 days of OxygenOS. To mark the occasion, we along with our friends at WWF India,worked together with the community to do our bit to contribute to the environment.

    First a little context.We named our operating system, OxygenOS because Oxygen, is essential to our living and is that one element we can’t do without. Not to mention the clear and pure nature of the element. We use these properties as inspiration to design our very own operating system.

    Back in September 2019, we marked the 1500th day of the existence of OxygenOS. And with this, we asked our community to tweet with #OxygenOS. For every unique tweet that went towards #OxygenOS, we decided to plant one tree. Following this, our community tweeted 27332 times and we started on our commitment to plant 27333 trees.

    Here’s an update.

    We’ve planted 27,333 trees across two regions in India.

    Location I - Dzaluk, Zaluk Sikkim

    Number of trees: 12,333



    2019_community engagement at site.jpg

    The temperate habitat of Zuluk area is at the fringes of Pangolakha Wildlife Sanctuary, East Sikkim. Dzuluk is a high altitude area known for its scenic beauty and is also a major tourist attraction. It is one of the 18 global bio-diversity hotspots though Sikkim covers just 0.2% of India’s land-mass. The world’s bestselling travel guide book, Lonely Planet has recommended Sikkim as the “Best Region in the World to Visit in 2014”. Amongst the reasons cited for this prestigious distinction were its eco-friendly policies, its promotion of organic farming, sustainable community based tourism, and for having set new benchmarks for responsible tourism in the country.

    This plantation has been carried out on government land that has been handed over to the community for its upkeep. The project being directly managed by the local Panchayat, providing local employment as well.

    Location II – Theni-Dindigul, Tamil Nadu

    Number of trees: 15,000

    Saplings being planted_MajladharDam_2019.jpg

    Saplings at Nursery1_Kudhirayar dam_2019.jpg

    A total of 15,000 trees were to be planted in Tamil Nadu spread over 2 locations:

    12500 trees were planted in 2019 spread over 2 sites, while the balance 2500 have been planted in 2020.
    • Manjalar Dam Watershed (Periyakulam Taluk), Theni district

    • Kuthiraiyar Dam Watershed (Palni foothills), Dindigul district
    These spots are located close to the Annamalai Tiger Reserve and need intervention to improve the tree cover that would help in reducing the surface run-off of water, improve the habitat for wildlife as well as local communities who depend largely on forest produce.

    The land on where the plantation has been done is owned by PWD with the help of the Palaiyan communities living near the dam which is also maintained by PWD. The Palaiyar community are traditional nomadic hunter-gatherers, honey hunters, and foragers. Their livelihood subsists on trades of forest products, food cultivation, and beekeeping. Some work intermittently as wage labourers, mostly on plantations.

    Implementation of the project generated over 1,200 rural workdays from the time the saplings were prepared at the nurseries to plantation at the site & after care. With multi-stakeholders’ participation, the project would encourage the locals to take conservation actions and sustainable development pathways.

    Note that species planted are native to both areas in Sikkim and Tamil Nadu.

    We thank the community for joining us in a collaborative initiative with OxygenOS and WWF India’s ‘Adopt a Tree’, and helping us contribute to the environment.If you want to know more about the initiative, and wish to be involved, you can get more information here.

    Never Settle.

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    Starcommander , Sep 15, 2020 :
    This is actually great!!!
    I can proudly say, I have contributed in making this planet a better place!

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    Dhruv Kashyap , Sep 15, 2020 :
    Nice initiative, really love the fact that even big corporates still care about nature.
    Thank You OnePlus!:)

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    Swatiranjan , via OnePlus 7T , Sep 15, 2020 :
    Now, this is something which is really a great initiative and shows the commitment towards environment.
    Thanks for posting .

    Ask your Children to plant trees , how small they may be. If they respect nature, Nature 'll respect them back

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    Every sampling counts.. Great job OnePlus and thanks for sharing the update with the community.

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