Please help us! Bottom Speaker is not working properly!

  1. Y1590599991172
    Cupcake Jul 2, 2020

    Y1590599991172 , Jul 2, 2020 :
    I have bought my new phone OnePlus 7T last month and everything was going well and suddenly realised that the bottom speaker doesn't work! then restart the device then it came to work again!
    It seems it's a common issue with many of people here So Please try to solve it if it was an OS bug or just give us an advice to return the mobile back to customer service center!!!!

  2. Dhanush akshay
    Froyo Jul 2, 2020

  3. BidhanDaw
    Eclair Jul 3, 2020

  4. Y1590599991172
    Cupcake Jul 6, 2020

    Y1590599991172 , Jul 6, 2020 :
    Do you have the customer service number in the Netherlands?

  5. KeepTransisting
    The Lab - OnePlus 7 Pro Reviewer Jul 6, 2020

    KeepTransisting , Jul 6, 2020 :
    Go to settings > system > accessibility and make sure Mono audio is disabled and that the Audio balance slider is all the way in the middle.

  6. S1569782238915
    Cupcake Jul 14, 2020

    S1569782238915 , via OnePlus 7 Pro , Jul 14, 2020 :
    I found same with my device in OP7 pro, somewhere in the comment section I saw if you kill/close one by one recently opened application it will work. In my my case it did work when I close the skype app which was running in background in your case it might be a different app. Give it a try

  7. Shan3099
    Cupcake Jul 21, 2020