Please Stop the Hype Train (PSA)

  1. Apogee
    Gingerbread Apr 23, 2014

    Apogee , Apr 23, 2014 :
    I'll get right to the point, please tell whoever the conductor of the social media and marketing of OnePlus to just stop and redirect the train. This is constructive criticism.

    Don't get me wrong, I actually love the OnePlus One. It's affordable, the specs are fantastic and the build looks great (I don't really mind that it looks somewhat reminiscent of the Find 7). If you want off the Hype Express then feel free, less competition to buy one. However, this is just something that your marketing director should know, he needs to stop shooting your company in the foot.

    I completely understand that you guys when through many retooling phases for the phone, but despite popular belief, this spoon feeding approach is rather annoying and in the end can turn around in nasty fashion. I'm sure you've already seen the effects for those who hopped on the train before it departed.

    Personally, I think those who are jumping ship right now are just being a) ignorant or b) childish. If you're saying that you want to buy an M8 or S5 right now because you can't wait a few months, you are just plain stupid. Everyone in the world knows that launch dates do not mean selling dates. Almost every company launches the device, unveils it basically, then in a month or two start selling it. Course this wasn't the case for the M8 or the Find 7 because there were so many leaks but lets look at the Sony Z2 and the Samsung S5. The S5 was unveiled at MWC but wasn't available until April. The Sony Z2 was the same, announced at MWC but not released yet. Plus, for the price, can you blame them? Specs:price is unbeatable, even the Nexus 5 can't beat it.

    Anyways, the childish part would be that most of you are jumping ship as an act of throwing a fit then posting it on this forum. If you want to leave, just leave. You don't need to say how the company lied and whatnot, they didn't technically lie they were misleading but they didn't lie. Many, ironically, dishonest companies do the same thing.

    Problem 1: Anyways, back to the hype train criticism. The first mistake was saying that there was a OnePlus One under the Z1 back in March (Citation) Because you spoon-fed, there were many things subject to change. I'm sure size was one of them, however, don't make comparisons to other products before your product is even complete. The size of the Z1s, I'll give you leniency since the Z1s TMO is actually bigger than the international Z1, comes in at 145.7 x 73.9 x 8.6 mm. The OnePlus One comes in at 152.9 x 75.9 x 8.9 mm. Now to be fair, your picture was accurate, there was indeed a OnePlus One under the Z1, probably, and you didn't show the bottom half of the Z1(s) which means that your statement was still true because you can barely see the edge of the OnePlus One in the picture. But come on, if we're trying to be honest, like you guys want to be, don't use those misleading pictures or crops.

    Problem 2: Now, problem two, this stems from the misleading marketing I talked about in problem 1, which does contribute to problems with the Hype Train. Comparing the OnePlus One, prelaunch, to the Sony Z2 and others. Let's look at this:
    What's misleading is the wording, which is prevalent in companies that are dishonest. You can't say that your phone has a 3100+ mAH to make it seem like it's not AS much of a loss spec wise to the Z2. Granted, the OnePlus One is substantially cheaper, but if you're going to compare toe to toe. The Z2 has a bigger battery, larger capacity and other technologies like Tri-Luminous. Plus it's waterproof. What do I mean by larger capacity, you kind of forgot to mention that the Z2 has microSD expansion up to 128GB. I'm pretty sure the Z2 will have a larger sensor as well, it holds the second largest currently on the market with the Z1(s). So don't bring in that 6 lens crap, it's also F/2.0 as well.

    Anyways, long story short, don't make those comparisons at all if you're not going to be completely honest about. I mean, you kind of shot yourself in the foot by saying you're an honest company, granted out of context, in your OnePlus One launch presentation. Misleading claims are not something a honest company would say.

    Problem 3: Oh how I feel like members have forgotten this one. I personally don't mind magnesium, it felt good on the premium HTC phones before the One and M8. But, when you tote these two advertisements at the start of: [​IMG][​IMG]
    I anticipated aluminum or some sort of metal for the wrapping of the device. If you propagandize things like build quality, you better back it up. To me, and I know things like material feel and looks are very opinionated, these claims were not backed up. To me, although the OnePlus One is an extremely beautiful device, the HTC One, not the M8, still remains one of the best looking and feeling devices (although I haven't held a OnePlus One) on the planet. Although the frame, I'm sure, of the OnePlus One is made of magnesium, similar to the HTC One. The outer body, the part that we touch, isn't something as premium as brushed aluminum. I mean, honestly, WHO DOESN'T LIKE BRUSHED ALUMINUM?

    I'll be honest though, I do really like the design of the OnePlus One, I guess this is just me being a gripe. I wished it could've been brushed aluminum. Hopefully you guys come out with a style cover or whatever with that feel though.

    Problem 4: THE INVITE SYSTEM... It wasn't even addressed in the launch... How could the ability to purchase the device, not be evaluated on during its launch?! I mean you talked about customer service and NOT the way you would buy the phone? I mean, I tolerated the invite system at first, but if you're not going to further evaluate on it and then start hyping it up even more with the whole SMASH campaign that has yet to make an appearance for a few days. That's just really annoying...

    Conclusion: In conclusion, I still love the device. For the price, it just can't be beat. To say the OnePlus One isn't a looker, that would be a lie. It definitely looks better than the S5 without a doubt, the M8, maybe. However, this hype train spoon feeding type marketing needs to stop. You guys are shooting yourselves in the foot quite a bit and it's sad. Why is it sad? Well, you have ignorant people who will flip on you in an instant and that, I'm sure, wasn't your intent. But if you string people along and it isn't quite as true as your kind of make it out to be, then you shouldn't being making those claims in the first place. Next time, try to be more like Beyonce or HTC and just drop the product on the day you announce it. That could equally be as effective and not as much of an issue. The invite system definitely needs evaluating though, you should fire the person whose in charge of that thing for not releasing more details. It's as vague as your phone on leaks.

    PS: Don't hate me for saying what I've said, but if you clearly read, I'm not hating OnePlus for its product but rather its misleading marketing. The OnePlus One is superb, the marketing? Not so much.
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  2. Claudia
    Gingerbread Apr 23, 2014

    Claudia , Apr 23, 2014 :
    A lie is a false statement to a person or group made by another person or group who knows it is not the whole truth, intentionally.[1] Lies can be told for various reasons and with various amounts of success.

    I wonder if any of this happened today?

    Don't get upset about it just buy the phone if you want to or don't they haven't taken your money so what's the problem? I look at it this way I enjoyed some of the build and I enjoyed entering the photo competition even though I didn't win (I didn't even manage to get a mug or t-shirt or pen) but so what. I just kept an open mind and had a really good chuckle when they said "better that everything industrial design" all we got was a cheaper Find 7 yes it looks better than Samsung but its not amazing. I really hoped that they could pull of a beautiful design they didn't but I am not going to cry about it.It is what it is this time next year is when its really going to count for the one+ team because maybe people wont care about the give-aways and competition they will have to bring something better than just the price. But Gosh do people get worked up

  3. Apogee
    Gingerbread Apr 23, 2014

    Apogee , Apr 23, 2014 :
    Well I mean, this wasn't quite me being angry. I'm just addressing the poor choices OnePlus made in their marketing. I do support them though, before I start addressing the problems I clearly state that I think people who are jumping ship now are just being ignorant or childish.

    I would say this, though, I was one of the 50 photo-contest winners that were told they'd be getting a mug. I never even got a PM but I was tagged in the post. A little disappointing but I don't really mind, it's just a mug.

    By that definition, we live on a body of lies. Every advertisement is some sort of lie because every product we use has a side effect to what is advertised. Politicians all lie, they have a side agenda when directing the public, usually. So, you'd have to really adjust your definition of a lie. It was misleading, but not a blatant lie in my opinion.

  4. Rythmicone
    Froyo Apr 23, 2014

  5. e1evene1even
    Honeycomb Apr 23, 2014

    e1evene1even , Apr 23, 2014 :
    Good post.

    Underpromise and overdeliver is a philosophy they should seriously consider, as at the moment, it understandably feels like the opposite for many people.

    They definitely beat their promise on the price, but that was the only pleasant surprise in a string of let-downs during the presentation (largely related to over-zealous marketing).

  6. yonoshiro
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 23, 2014

    yonoshiro , Apr 23, 2014 :
    To be fair, whilst many users have been bitterly and childishly complaining in an entitled manner, I don't think @Apogee is one of them. I don't think he got worked up at all. He was very fair in his assessment and stated his points openly and clearly without malice or attempting to bash oneplus. The concerns raised, though not held by everyone, are valid concerns nonetheless and I appreciate his well thought out and carefully constructed arguments.

  7. Claudia
    Gingerbread Apr 23, 2014

    Claudia , Apr 23, 2014 :
    The definition was not mine its what you find when you look in the dictionary or Wikipedia. Although I am old School when it comes to telling a lie. I am aware that we do not live in a black and white world there seems to be an every increasing amount of grey. There is no company in the world that does not tell lies the bottom line is they want our money and we want there product they have to make it attractive enough so that you will buy it. Apple, Samsung, Google, Microsoft all do the same in one form or another. People are only upset because they believed that this company was different. Rule number one is get people to emotionally connect with the product you are trying to sell have a great ethos which they have and your in. All these companies do it in one form or the other.

  8. thepanttherlady
    Community Veteran Apr 23, 2014

    thepanttherlady , Apr 23, 2014 :
    A couple of corrections:

    The Z2 has been released in some markets
    The Z2 supports up to 128GB microSD expansion

  9. Apogee
    Gingerbread Apr 23, 2014

  10. Apogee
    Gingerbread Apr 23, 2014

    Apogee , Apr 23, 2014 :
    Yeah well said, hit them when they don't expect it!

    Haha thank you Yono, I'm glad you appreciated my thoughts.

  11. thepanttherlady
    Community Veteran Apr 23, 2014

  12. Apogee
    Gingerbread Apr 23, 2014

  13. thepanttherlady
    Community Veteran Apr 23, 2014

    thepanttherlady , Apr 23, 2014 :
    You're quite welcome. I only know because I pre-ordered one from the UK. *patiently* awaiting release. :/

  14. randaddy
    Gingerbread Apr 23, 2014

    randaddy , Apr 23, 2014 :
    Fellow runner up here. I don't think any of us got any notification, but in hindsight perhaps they retracted the mug in lieu of invitations? Either way, we delivered and they didn't. To that point, OnePlus should have never mentioned any runners up to begin with.

    I guess it all goes in line with the drip feed of info up to the launch. However, I feel there's no longer a need for secrecy as the phone has been announced to the world. It's evident their marketing tactics as of late has resulted in even more speculation post launch (many many threads about invites cluttering up the forum, even more contests, etc.), I've never seen this phenomenon before and surely doesn't bode well for their newly established reputation. I'm also getting the same vibe from various Android/tech blogs, it really is the best phone you can't buy.

  15. Apogee
    Gingerbread Apr 24, 2014

    Apogee , Apr 24, 2014 :
    It is a beautiful device so I would too if it were cheaper! Love my Z1s but I'm probably going to sell it just cause I can't root it.

    Ahh, so I wasn't the only one. Haha maybe we got invitations instead Randaddy! That'd be even better in my opinion.