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    Users such as mountaineers and other adventure seekers depend on compass, it is used for navigation, location and direction. People use it to find their way, whether it is on a hiking trail or on a trip to a new location. Besides navigation, the compass is used in building and construction for marking landmarks and borders, and to measure horizontal or vertical slopes of an object by spirit bubble correcter, and to measure horizontal Lines or vertical lines for maps.The compass is a valuable tool used to assist in underground caves or hilly ranges (grand canyon) . This Compass application is not only used for COMPASS but also tools such as measurements, measuring tape, Spirit Bubble Correcter, Caliberation.

    When the user opens this application he will get multiple options in a tabular form such as
    i) compass by using sensors
    ii) spirt bubble correcter by using gyroscope
    iii) Ruler by using Camera(AR)
    iv) land marker by using camera(AR)
    v) Altitude meter by using GPS

    When the user opens this app for the first time he is prompted with calibration options to get nearly accurate values.

    When the user selects any one of the options, the device will enable the required sensors in the device and gives the readings Or would enable AR(Augmented Reality) in the application when the user wishes to use land marker or ruler option.

    When the user chooses the sprit bubble correcter, it enables the gyroscope and determines the slope of the mobile phone and represents in form of a sprit bubble.


    This application will allow many users around the world to measure lengths, altitudes, directions, and slopes of simple objects around us.This application would help many adventure seekers to determine the correct path and also help regular users to level the slope of objects, and also help marking the land marks by using camera application. By adding and AR(Augmented Reality) to the camera application or the compass app itself would would help users to measure or mark a place with precision.

    The measuring tape option helps the user to measure the length and width of any object by using AR integrated camera.(AR feature for camera can improve the accuracy of measurements)

    Many mobile phone companies such as xiaomi and apple have already Incorporated such application, such as apple has provided users with measuring application which uses (AR) camera for visual measuring of an object but ends up using lots of storage and battery which is one of the main issue and also most importantly they have made a stand alone application for that purpose.
    Where as In xiaomi it has incorporated spirit bubble correcter in it's compass application it self which makes it easier for the users to access it, but it sometimes fails to give accurate values and uses lots of battery which in return overheats the phone. And apple stand alone app fails to provide accurate data sometimes.

    These both companies have provided a necessary application but haven't bothered to refine it, they both lack to provide such premium grade features. They also fail to provide periodic updates to such applications.

    Here's where the one plus will stand out, this application will provide multiple features for the users to use in many different occasions, this application provides more features to the basic compass application than what others companies have provided such as, altitude meter, landmark marker (AR Camera), and sprit bubble correcter with more accuracy (more than what xiaomi has provided).

    OnePlus should add AR(Augmented reality) in this application which will be utilized only when using Land marker or ruler which are both camera based applications. AR feature has already been to use for such purpose in apple's measure application. If oneplus successfully intigrates this AR feature into the application it would be really helpful for future updates for the camera as well.

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