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    Niteen_Phulekar , Feb 17, 2019 :
    1. In screen notification light
    First I want to say u that the thing i am going to suggest is u must imagine the scenario because I cant provide a picture of that but I will sketch it to make u understand. in sketch it would not look so amazing plz imagine these. sorry if i m unable to explain it better please understand it .read all my feature carefully are basic but very important

    These target to all of the one plus user who didn’t got notification led

    Purpose of the function

    As we all know one plus 5 T and 6 got a notification LED but one plus 6T due to its waterdrop notch we couldn’t see it but we got a wake up screen .It works or shows the notification only when we lift the device I will explain it through some scenario

    when a person is far from his device that he is unable to hear notification sound due to he is busy in some other works or silent mode or away from the phone but visible to him so he doesn’t get to know about the notification has received

    These feature glows a light of different color based on the user choice for different apps so the surround part of notch start to blink if it’s a punch hole in one+ than surrounding the lights glows like LED

    It will look soooo amazing in specially the dark places I mean just imagine the case


    developer need to implement in such a way to make it look beautiful they can provide various options for users
    1.Different color option for different notification
    ex: for call notification light glows blue
    for whatsapp notification light glows green etc...,
    2.light blink time or staying still
    3. make it look in such a way that the light is coming out of the edges of the punch hole amazingly please imagine these case

    oneplus notification led.jpg


    as we see one plus screen are getting bigger and better so it is getting quiet difficult to use with one hand so ONE HAND MODE can be helpful to the user to use the mobile from one hand when the other hand is busy these could be basic but really helpful in day to day life

    many user dislike one thing while playing game they get disturbed by call .Likley while playing PUBG at the intense point when suddenly call comes these half screen is covered by the call name and number and until we reject the call we are dead so in GAME MODE enable these feature when a call comes during game instead of showing number if the contact is saved then only the NAME should be displayed without occupying the much screen and internet connection IMG_20190217_213858_3CS (1).jpg


    i knew that pressing power button 3 to 4 time give call to emergency number but its just totally waste i mean i doesn't work properly
    but u can improve it and can make it better and different
    i will explain the USER, PURPOSE , IMPLEMENTATION through a scenario

    when a one plus user is in home alone suddenly any robbers come in home and he try to threaten the person and robbing the house in these case the person i not allowed to operate the phone. by pressing the power button 5 times will send a notification to the nearby police station with the user location and help message not only the police station the user can ADD the extra limited number for whom these sos notification or call goes

    2.when a women walking on the road road late night some bad guys are following her so instead of opening the lock screen and dialing the number the scene could get worst so pressing power button 6 times or 4 times make the device screem so loud and the call and notification are send to nearby police station and the listed number with the help message and asking help with virtual voice and sending notification to all with real time location etc...,

    Bonus feature when a person pres the power button and notification and call are placed the user will not get a return call but the mic of the user will be enabeld so that the third person can here what is going on but unable to speak etc..., i hope that u have understood these .these are simple basic requirement but these feature can save a life imagine it plz work on it no other mobile community is thinking about safety feature of these type please work on it and make the user proud and be remembered alone-at-night.jpg

    These thing are hard to be implemented on one plus 7 but we can implement it on 7T i bet these feature would make the one plus 7 T worth for money i am ready to share these kind of idea if u wish


    these could be implemented in any one plus device i will not say much about it if u want to know plz mail me .I dont want to say here because there are many developer can watch these all thread and will try to copy the ideas of others so i will like to say u through mail THANK YOU
    if u would like to contact me phone no:[number removed for privacy] thank u
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