#PMchallenge an option for additional functionality for on screen navigation bar .

  1. revanthmaddikunta
    Donut Feb 7, 2019

    revanthmaddikunta , Feb 7, 2019 :
    Hi there

    I’m Revanth a student, a tech enthusiast and a happy one plus user. I have been using one plus since past 2 years and have been very happy with the performance.

    My idea for a feature is about for people like me who have small hands and also for people who don’t prefer using buttons present on the phone very often

    I personally use a one plus 5T and I’m very much happy with the on-screen navigation bar feature my idea is to upgrade that on-screen navigation bar.

    Inspiration of idea

    From the above introduction, it is pretty much clear that I want more functionality from the already present onscreen navigation bar other than home, back, recents.

    As a person who doesn’t like to use the buttons and with small hands, I always found it difficult to access a few features like volume settings etc.keeping in mind that there is a lot of unused are on the onscreen navigation bar.
    refer fig 1 in the image

    How will it work

    The idea is to add a software feature (gesture or a small option) in the corner (left or right as per the convenience of the user) of the navigation bar such that accessing simple features would be simpler like,

    -Volume increase or decrease (instead of manually using the volume rockers)

    - brightness control (increase or decrease)

    -night mode (on/off)

    -auto rotate

    refer fig 2 and fig 3 in the image


    1- Who are the users?

    Basically, everyone who prefers simplicity in accessing such features.

    2- What is the proposed function?

    Additional option or a gesture to use empty areas on the navigation bar(corners) for easy access of a few functionalities.

    3- What is the User value?

    Much simpler access and convenience for the user

    4- Your proposed feature compared to existing features available in the market?

    There might be such features in other devices but not on the onscreen notification bar with minimal design and simplicity of the oneplus.


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