#PMChallenge - And the winner is...

  1. Sridhar Ananthanarayanan
    Lollipop Mar 11, 2019

    Sridhar Ananthanarayanan , Mar 11, 2019 :
    I have good reason to hammer them on the basis on how they have conducted this campaign:

    #PMChallenge – Design our next OxygenOS Feature

    The answer to your question lies precisely on the above point.

    They did a similar deceitful poll when Apple removed the headphone jack. OnePlus didn't have any plans of immediately following suit, yet they went about conducting a community poll (whose results they already knew) to project themselves as a community driven organisation. The truth of the matter is that was just a marketing gimmick.

    You may want to fall for their deceitful practices. The choice is yours.

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  2. keithnyc
    Lollipop Moderator Mar 11, 2019

    keithnyc , Mar 11, 2019 :
    Wow! Great work @Its.Leandroo. And congratulations

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  3. grouperb
    Froyo Mar 11, 2019

    grouperb , Mar 11, 2019 :
    Assumption is the mother of all f....ups.

    My question was if YOU found anything positive about the PMChallenge.

    You are making bold statements about technical and marketing practices alike and I have opened a thread for members to discuss their opinions if they feel not in line with the Dev Team choice. If you care you can share your thoughts there.

    If you wish to offer value to the community you can discuss your ideas and not be such a negative nancy.

    You are assuming too much.

    I am not going to hammer them for not choosing according to my or your or anybody else's standards. You are doing exactly that. This is a community and opinions must be respected. Tell us your opinion on which proposal you thought should have been the winner, state your reasoning and if members want to interact on your thesis you are welcome to share more of your thoughts.

    Being more positive can only help you.

  4. Bobbie63
    Marshmallow Mar 11, 2019

    Bobbie63 , Mar 11, 2019 :
    So all this is about the headphone jack?

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  5. Its.Leandroo
    The Lab - OnePlus 6 Reviewer Mar 11, 2019

    Its.Leandroo , Mar 11, 2019 :
    Strictly speaking, design is actually seen as a feature :p

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  6. Its.Leandroo
    The Lab - OnePlus 6 Reviewer Mar 11, 2019

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  7. Mav007
    Eclair Mar 11, 2019

  8. Sridhar Ananthanarayanan
    Lollipop Mar 11, 2019

    Sridhar Ananthanarayanan , Mar 11, 2019 :
    assumption? who is assuming here?

    it is not about picking the feature by anyone's standards. it is about picking the feature as per the contest T&C.

    I'm not being negative here either. I am actually feeling bad for the winner who has nothing to do with all these. bad because I may be coming across as not being happy with his thread, which isn't the case.

    and there is nothing positive I have to find in the contest if they are only going to remain on paper. and not fooling yourself will help you more.

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  9. Sridhar Ananthanarayanan
    Lollipop Mar 11, 2019

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  10. grouperb
    Froyo Mar 11, 2019

    grouperb , Mar 11, 2019 :
    @Its.Leandroo we all know your proposal is a worthy winner.

    Good design is a pillar of UX and thus can be considered as a feature.

    Just smile and try to enjoy it.

    I have opened a thread to give members who wish to state their different opinion on the PMChallenge decision making so diversed opinions can be heard and discussed in order to demonstrate the power we give to OOS.

    I eagerly wait to see how the Dev Team will implement your fine proposal, for me personally PMChallenge is the beggining of a path that will lead to OOS reaping the benefits of having an active community striving for improvements on all areas whether that is a design feature, or an App or any other concept.

    I hope we can see more of your nice ideas in the future and perhaps we can work together on some of them.

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  11. 6301995
    Froyo Mar 11, 2019

  12. grouperb
    Froyo Mar 11, 2019

    grouperb , Mar 11, 2019 :
    The winning proposal is completely fine. it is a feature. period.

    Again talking about members fooling themsleves is assuming too much bordering on ignorance and sheer naivity.

    You need to get more positive and more productive.

    Instead of bashing your can make a good argument about the feature that you found worthy of winning this contest.

  13. aris
    Jelly Bean Mar 11, 2019

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  14. D1533851859593
    Eclair Mar 11, 2019

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  15. bojantomic
    Honeycomb Mar 11, 2019

    bojantomic , Mar 11, 2019 :
    Was it seriously just suggested to move the gear icon to access the settings from the notification shade to the top of the screen? ‍♂️
    I see the effort here, but I don't see how these are "features". Slight tweaks to the design - yes.
    Congratulations nevertheless.

  16. nyzproof333
    KitKat Mar 11, 2019

    nyzproof333 , Mar 11, 2019 :
    Ok Mr. Member for a month :rolleyes:. He's not bashing anyone.

    @Sridhar Ananthanarayanan you nailed it. This was nothing more than a lame marketing campaign. Respect for you seeing this clearly.

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  17. Raghavkma
    Froyo Mar 11, 2019

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  18. theshinybeast
    Marshmallow Mar 11, 2019

    theshinybeast , Mar 11, 2019 :
    Haven't been here long, have you?
    Members fooling themsleves [sic] is the norm here. I'm afraid you yourself are displaying a touch of ignorance and naivity in this case.

  19. Raghavkma
    Froyo Mar 11, 2019

    Raghavkma , Mar 11, 2019 :
    @Gary C. If you could tell the top 200 ideas it would be really great. Just wanted to know if i made the cut to top 200 or not and who made it to the top 200 ....really curious

  20. Liam Mackenzie
    Eclair Mar 11, 2019

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