#PMChallenge - Answering call which gets hide in statusbar.

  1. Pinakin Chaudhari
    Cupcake Feb 6, 2019

    Pinakin Chaudhari , Feb 6, 2019 :
    Problem:- if you're using any app for example writing emails, playing games, browsing etc. and at that time if some one calls you then it will not show full screen UI instead it will show notification in top portion of screen like shown in following screen shoot and drawing.

    and if you tap somewhere else than that notification then it hides in status bar, as shown in following screenshot.
    but if you touch that blue icon you will have full screen UI to recieve or decline calls. but problem arises when you're using device single handed. you have to first tap that blue icon then your thumb has to travel all the way to bottom which makes trouble.

    second option is that, swipe down notification bar and answer or decline incoming call. but when you swipe down as usual it won't came up, to bring that down you have to swipe till halfway. following figure illustrates this problem. in following drawing it shows what happens normally when you do short swipe it will bring down the notification drawer.
    now, following drawings shows what you have to do, if you have to bring down notification drawer, in case of incoming call. if you do short swipe it won't bring notification drawer as usual, as said in previous case.but you have to perform long steady swipe inorder to open notification drawer.

    this happens very often when using device single handed.

    Solution:- for solution just enable short swipe to open notification drawer. Or to make it even fast and look good.when user swipe down from left side it should show all buttons left side, answer buttons left most side then decline button and then message button as shown in following drawings.

    and if user swipe from right side all buttons should show right side, answer button right most and then decline button and then message button. shown in following drawing.

    this arrangement is more helpfull. if all buttons stays one side it's easy to access single handed. and it's even faster.

    1) question:-who are the user?
    answer:- Everyone
    2) question:- what is the purposes function?
    answer:- To reduce efforts to receive or decline call when it's hides in status bar.
    3) question:- what is the user value?
    answer:- this will reduce efforts to recieve call. this change is not that significant but will improve user experience.
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