#PMChallenge - Appointment Alarm

  1. MikaAleksandroff
    Cupcake Feb 15, 2019

    MikaAleksandroff , Feb 15, 2019 :
    The problem
    Missing notification on appointments.

    Proposed function
    Persistent alarm for calendar appointments (in addition to normal calendar notifications).

    Everyone who use calendar appointments.

    User value
    To actually be (persistently) reminded of appointments even when phone is in pocket or anywhere not in front of one's face.

    Comparable solutions
    There are plenty of different kind of reminder apps. Most - if not all - of them are usually independent task management solutions with possible ability to also remind about calendar events. As a result, they are more or less complex and always add-on products one has to find on their own and often need to try several different apps before settling with something.

    Detailed explanation
    My proposal is very simple: an optional alarm for calendar appointments. One option (e.g. in Sound/Notification settings), built-in, simple. Designed to do one thing well: remind user of calendar appointments.

    Coming from '90s Nokia phones the most irritating (missing) feature of Android is calendar reminders. In good old Nokias you made a calendar appointment and set alarm for it with customizable sound/wav and your phone would set off said alarm and the user would have to acknowledge that alarm - just as with alarm clock alarms. In Android, you get a single blip or blop and that's it. If you phone is in pocket or you are picking up coffee you probably miss it.

    Looking for simple and effective solution is very tiresome. Playstore is full of apps which act as reminder or task or whatever managers. Many don't even support calendar appointments and even if they do, one needs to go through extra hoops of disabling notifications on (all) calendar apps installed and even then their operation is often shaky at best.

    What we need is a very simple, effective, easy to use and available to everyone by default alarm function for appointments. Implemented at system level it would work flawlessly always, after reboots, regardless of any app power saving settings etc.

    Implementation proposal
    In Sound settings, for example under SYSTEM, one could either have a simple enable/disable for "Use Appointment Alarm" (with default clock alarm ringtone) OR a sub-menu with customizable alarm ringtone. No fuss, no muss.