#PMChallenge Block calls and hide notifications in Gaming Mode

  1. Praveen_Meghwal
    Donut Feb 5, 2019

    Praveen_Meghwal , Feb 5, 2019 :
    1.Who are the users?
    Everyone who plays Online Multiplayer Games(like PUBG Mobile)

    2.What is purposed function?
    As we already have gaming mode in smartphones of other companies but adding Block call feature will help gamers to focus on the game. A feature should be added to block all the incoming calls when gaming mode is turned on and should add a feature to Auto reply to the caller(like "I will call you later",etc.)
    In case an incoming call is important than user can Mark it as important in gaming mode settings (before starting a game)so that gaming mode won't block that specific call.
    When Gaming Mode is turned on, any notification or any messenger conversation icon shouldn't be popped up.
    (Prototype Image Attached)

    3.what is the user value?
    All the users using Oxygen OS won't face any kind of server disconnection due to calls while playing
    Multiplayer Games.It will definitely improve focus on game.

    4.existing company standards
    Many companies have gaming mode but Block Call feature will differ Oxygen OS from other companies. one.jpg
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