#PMChallenge : Child Mode Settings

  1. Jathin Jaishur
    Cupcake Feb 21, 2019

    Jathin Jaishur , Feb 21, 2019 :
    My idea is about how an Oxygen OS can be friendly with children.Below are the details

    Product Requirements Document:

    Who are the users?

    Users are parents,siblings,relatives and children.

    Proposed function

    An option in OS not as an app that can turn into Child friendly mode.It must be intergrated under Security settings .Kids nowadays use smartphones to play games,videos,music.They get smartphones from either from parents,siblings or relatives.When child mode is turned ON by the owner using a security authentication like fingerprint,pattern lock or pin.Authentication depends on how the owner has enabled to unlock smartphone,for example if the owner uses pin to unlock smartphone that data will be used to authenticate this feature.If screen lock is not enabled,it will be prompted to add one.
    Certain apps must be restricted from opening ,the owner of the smartphone can add apps and permissions that child must only use.After child's use,owner can turn off thus enables all functions back to normal

    User value

    This will make the owner of the smartphone aware what kids are doing with the smartphone.The aim of this simple feature is to be integrated without external apps.Kids will only know about enabled apps which are added by the owner.

    Existing function in the smartphone industry

    As far as i know,none of the smartphone OS provides this functionality although there are parental control apps .

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