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    Cupcake Feb 4, 2019

    Zane_Schenk , Feb 4, 2019 :
    Oxygen OS Devs,

    I believe as a content creator that a great feature for OxygenOS is one that has never been seen on a smartphone before. While it is not a a new application or insanely complicated feature, I believe that it is one many people could use. I propose implementing a "chroma key" option into the camera app on OnePlus devices allowing users to choose a background color that they would like to replace as well as a still image or video that they would like to replace it with. I believe that this feature could work very well for taking still shots or recording video. While I myself would use it to create funny content, people in business looking to take a profile picture or record something with a solid background could benefit greatly from this. To give an example of how this feature could work, say there is a person in front of a blue wall. Another person is going to take both a picture and a video of the person in front of the wall but they want the wall to be red. The user should first select the "pro mode" option in his/her camera application. This would have two more boxes than usual. One with the "Key Color" which a user can tap on. This will pull up with a color wheel, an eyedropper, and a text box for hex codes. Once a color has been selected (will be N/A by default when the camera opens), the other box saying "layer" or possibly "background" is a box that opens gallery and allows you to select a photo. Once a background photo is selected, the user will see the Chroma Key effect happening live on their camera so they know what angle to snap the photo from. This same thing would be implemented under the "video" tab so that users can create videos with backgrounds. The only difference between the photo version and video version is that the video version should allow the user to set a video or .mp4 file as the background so that they can have animated backgrounds giving their film some character.

    While this is not a huge feature, I believe as a content creator that this could be a huge step forward in mobile photography/videography as we know it. It would allow users to take their creativity to the next level on their OnePlus devices.

    If you read all of this thanks for taking the time!

    Here are some photos of my concept:

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