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    kauti1412, Feb 21, 2019 :

    Target Audience

    OxygenOS users who want to expand from a smaller (6 inch-ish screen) to a bigger screen (a laptop / TV size screen) for a more immersive experience in media consumption and productivity.

    Proposed Function

    1. Use the phone as an extended display for a laptop or desktop (The smaller screen of the phone can be used for custom macros for different applications in Windows/mac/Linux)

    This is already in play from Splashtop (but we need to install 3rd party apps for this)

    This can run in both Wired (Proprietary Charger) and Wireless format (Wi-Fi)

    2. Extend the phone’s display though a display port or HDMI output for a full desktop experience

    More like in Huawei & Honor’s Easy Projection but more in a stock Experience and less like the Samsung’s Dex Mode.

    As both can run in Wired and Wireless format (Wi-Fi).

    3. While working on a desktop/laptop, most people would not like to use their phone when they are at some serious work. So It would be great if the phone’s display could project itself onto the laptop/desktop and it could notify us if anything happened.

    This feature is also available in the Samsung Flow.

    Typical Use cases of the above concept-features

    1. You are at home watching your favorite TV series on your couch, your boss gives you a call asking for a report of a previous meeting and he needs it ASAP,

    You left your laptop’s out of juice, but your promotions on the line. What would you do?

    Connect your phone and the smart TV to the same Wi-Fi, open Easy Projection on your phone, connect your Bluetooth mouse and keyboard, and voila, U have a desktop.

    Wait, not everyone has a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard with them, so what?

    The phone’s screen can still function as trackpad and the on-screen keyboard will appear when you actually have to type down text.

    Once you are done typing the document, open an instance of Gmail send it to your boss, and get back to the couch and continue watching Netflix.

    2. You have downloaded many of your favorite songs and movies saved on the phone locally from streaming services, and want to watch it on the big screen,

    Connect your phone and the smart TV to the same Wi-Fi, but you don’t want Easy Projection but just a projection of the phone’s screen on the TV, so what would you do?

    Easy, just below the Easy Projection option is an option to Cast to TV.

    3. The next day, the Boss is angry and wants a piece of mind with no sounds, especially those annoying notification sounds. But your friend is constantly messaging you about the plan to Goa, you don’t want to miss that now. What would you do?

    Set your phone to Silent, connect your phone to your laptop with the Proprietary fast charging cable, and from the options, choose the option that will say “Phone Projection”.

    Now the entire phone’s screen is on your laptop, you can interact with it, and reply to your friend by typing from the laptop and interact with this project with the touch screen of your laptop.

    But Wait, not everyone has a laptop with a touch screen, no problem.

    This can also work wirelessly, but the above case is not suitable as most workspaces have many devices connected to the same network.

    You can still use your trackpad/mouse for that.

    4. You realize that the phone’s storage is full with all the videos you took last weekend, and you remember that the laptop has enough storage in it. You can just drag the files from the phone in Phone Projection mode to your laptop and voila, the files are now copied, so now you can delete the files on your phone.

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    Please create a separate thread with your submission in the Tech section. This is not the right place.

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    Post it in
    "Starting Point"

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    G_Rutvika_Patil_23, Feb 21, 2019 :
    Hey I am not able to create thread

    My entry here:
    Helpful or convenient for - all users especially aiming for blind people

    I come up with idea of "SENSE 1+" or "SENSE ME".
    It is revolutionary Idea and must!
    It needs a hardware made of pixel like small blocks which move and record the coordinates of touch in depth . Just like the the clay as it records the impression.

    We will make a app providing and sharing impressions to the other person by recording coordinates. Software just to support the hardware.
    We can sell the the sense pad with mobile.

    PS: it is to be made in small block structure so that blind people can type Braille and communicate. Also we can provide Braille predictor in app.

    #PMChallenge #PMChallenge #revolutionary

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    Hi community moderator

    I've created a thread in Starting Point section using #PMChallenge. The link is :

    please move it to the Tech Section
    Thanks in Advance:)

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