#PMChallenge - Environment Sensitive Behaviors

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    nabeelkh , Feb 9, 2019 :
    [​IMG] PS - I saved everything in draft only to find everything removed - boohoo so this is my 2nd attempt at the same.

    Ever sat in an important meeting/cinema, and suddenly your phone starts ringing. When you get the dagger eyes/irritated looks, you fumble to mute the phone, only to realize you put the phone upside down and you dig deeper into your pants to dig out the digital embarrassment and you get ho-hums till you shut it off. You peep "Sorry" vowing to never do it again only to be reminded by your significant other this is your fourth time in a row. You slide into your chair wondering 'Why Me'. Well chances are with 8 billion and climbing population in the world, they are many forgetful people like yours truly. While, Oneplus added the alert slider, if you hardly pay attention to how you place the phone in your pocket you are always fumbling for it in some not so favorable environments etc.

    Ladies and gentlemen - presenting to you ESB - or environment sensitive behaviors. Now imagine putting phone in your pocket or snuck between your legs (not the way you are thinking perverts) - Exhibit A shows how it goes. What has not been shown is the settings screens where these behaviors could possibly be programmed via a selection of pre-set options or setting a custom gesture to enable/disable certain user functions.

    While only one behavior has been depicted for ease of use however many such "behaviors" can be programmed into the system. For example

    - while traveling/or during a musical performance my phone falls below. Retrieving the phone in dim light from among a row of chairs can be an ordeal in itself. So if the phone starts flashing or beeping/vibrating depending on user preference, it can help locate the phone.

    - People who forget to change their profile from silent to normal or people who accidentally turn their phone volume very low - These mostly non tech savvy or old aged people may miss many an important calls due to one toggle not being in the right place.

    Who are the users?
    A user subset that is often forgetful - more out of habit and sometimes out of age (and receding hairlines) that forgets to perform the task of silencing their phones.

    What is the proposed function?
    Mapping phone behavior/reaction to select environments.

    What is the user value?
    Getting rid of frequently occurring nuisances resulting in a more happier user.

    If there are existing comparable functions in the smartphone industry, how is your proposed feature
    While HTC tried implementing something vaguely similar, I found the idea of emulating solution to certain behaviors widely interesting.

    How my solution is different is that while it is born out of necessity, the app/system feature could allow the user to act as per their user preference. Some could opt for varying vibration frequency or full-blast vibration from the get go. Additionally, programmable gestures could make the solution unique to each individual :) The squeeze function in the current crop of HTC's is one interesting option that may look less gimmicky if it can be programmable.

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