#PMChallenge - Filtered access to the adress book for each app

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    Eclair Feb 5, 2019

    O1539871151508 , Feb 5, 2019 :
    The target group are users with a strong need for privacy.

    In modern days a lot of apps want access to the adressbook and your personal contacts. Messenger like Whatsapp especially.
    This is a privacy sensitive permission and right now you only have a binary choice.
    Complete access or none. If you deny access the app can fail to work.
    Often you want to be a bit more specific than that and only allow the app to interact with a small subset of your contacts. Usually those that you know have the same app and are fine if you submit their details to the Appowner.

    Therefore i would suggest to have a third option in the app permissions between yes and no that says "only selected contacts"
    This would be a menu that brings you to the contact list and allows you to mark contacts with a checkbox that the individual app is allowed to access". If a contact isn't marked as "enabled" the app won't be able to see it.


    Similiar functions might be the old XPrivacy Module for Xposed.
    Xposed Framework requires root access to the device, skill and knowledge about its existence.
    This also is true for the Xprivacy Module.
    Problem with these two is also the dependency on few developers and their fast updates.
    It takes a lot of time to update these invasive third party tools for each new android release.
    Having this option in the rom would make privacy more accessible for normal users and give an edge of the competition.

  2. O1539871151508
    Eclair Feb 22, 2019

    O1539871151508 , Feb 22, 2019 :
    This is the screen before the screen above so you get an additional bullet point in the existing app permissions window, which in turn opens the contact selection window above

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