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    Cupcake Feb 21, 2019

    Edward6 , Feb 21, 2019 :
    "Details. We like those."
    Michael Fisher, Galaxy S10 hands-on

    There are many things that we all dislike about Apple, but their attention to detail is probably not one of them. Namely, their way to use gestures instead of buttons was nearly perfect even when it launched. Since then, OnePlus unveiled their own implementation of the same idea, and in some ways their version is even better, than what the iPhones have (e.g. the fact that it's actually full screen, without any pills or bars), however, there are some small details that still need to be ironed out, such as:
    • Proper gestures and app animations for apps in landscape orientation
    • Consistency when it comes to quick-switching between apps

    Who are the users?

    Everyone that uses gestures and/or landscape apps
    What is the user value?
    A better experience with the UI and animations; more of a "buttery smooth" feeling so to say.
    Proposed functions:
    • Regarding landscape orientation:
    As of now, when you open an app that is in landscape orientation (such as a game), the animation that we are all used to is not present, instead we get a rotating animation. The rotation probably needs to occur, so that you can access your quick settings and notifications from the top of the screen even when you hold the phone in landscape (the "top of the screen" changes with orientation of course). My proposal is as follows: this rotation when opening a landscape app only occurs "behind the scenes", without any visual cues, and the actual app opening animation is exactly the same as if you opened a portrait app (similar to how iPhones open landscape apps).
    The next part of the proposal is that the home gesture animation should also be exactly the same as with portrait apps. Right now an app that is in landscape orientation won't follow your finger when doing the home gesture, unlike with portrait apps. Making them the same would drastically improve the user experience in landscape mode. Note: gestures in landscape would still "start" from the right hand side, and not the bottom, unlike the way Apple does it.

    A small detail that needs to be adressed here: in order for this to feel flawless,

    the recent apps screen must not include the notification bar (where the small notification icons, clock etc. live). This would also mean that you can't access the quick settings/notifications from the recent apps screen. A small price to pay.
    If this last part is implemented, then accessing the recent apps screen from a landscape app (with the app following your finger from the right hand side to the middle of the screen), and then changing to a portrait app would look flawless. No rotating animation needed (again, it would be done behind the scenes). The notification bar would disappear when accessing the recents screen, and then reappear when switching to another app (or going home) at the correct side of the screen (depending on orientatnion).
    Portrait gesture

    Landscape gesture

    (the app follows your finger in both cases)

    • Regarding the quick-switch gesture:
    As of now, when you use the app switching gesture (swipe up, then right), you are greeted with the app that is to the left of the original app (if we view the apps as a horizontal stack of cards). However, if you want to switch back to the app you started from, you need to swipe up, and then right again, as if the first app is now to the left of the second app (let's think about the horizontal stack of cards again). It would be more intuitive, if the order of the apps never changed, and you could just swipe-up-then-right OR swipe-up-then-left in order to keep going right or left in this horizontal stack of apps. This is the way Apple does it, and even Google is planning this (see: the new Android Q gestures).
    In order for this to work, the app in the foreground must not be moved to the rightmost position in the horizontal stack of apps!

    Recent apps screen from APP #1

    Switching to APP #2 from APP #1

    Recent apps screen from APP #2

    Option to switch back to APP #1 or switch to APP #3

    Oxygen OS has been getting better with every update. I think Gestures 3.0 is the next step in this evolution.
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