#PMChallenge Inbuilt screen capture feature primarily for recording gameplays

  1. anirudhchaudhry007
    Donut Feb 5, 2019

    anirudhchaudhry007 , Feb 5, 2019 :
    Hey OnePlus team and all respected community members,
    I strongly believe that oxygen OS is already pretty perfect and minimalistic as compared to competition, so adding more little features here and there, especially the one's which have a learning curve would cause clutter and confusion in users.
    So adding a basic and simple feature which is not yet present in oxygen os and which has a large user base is the way to go,
    and my answer for such a feature would be fully featured inbuilt screen recording capabilities in oxygen OS. (Now you may think that this could easily be done by installing a simple app from Google play Store, but there is a big problem faced by a lot of android users in doing the same, which i will explain in detail, so just stick with me.)

    This feature has a large user base, because this feature is heavily anticipated by online mobile gaming communities.
    Games like PUBG Mobile and Fortnite, whose gameplay's are being recorded and uploaded on online services like YouTube and Twitch require this feature. Statistically, the growth of these mobile gaming channels is astonishing!
    And OnePlus devices are already quite popular in these gaming communities because of how fast, snappy and excellent performing OnePlus devices are. We just need to provide these people with features like this so that they could use it to share their gameplay online.

    This screen recording feature could record screen at 1080p 60fps (and the recording settings could be adjusted in settings.) with INTERNAL audio and MICROPHONE audio simultaneously, because recording a gameplay also requires recording it's internal audio as well as the microphone audio - this is something that those screen recorder's available on play store couldn't do because of certain restrictions (HDCP Restriction to be specific) which are baked into android code.
    But these restrictions are not impossible to break, as android manufacturers like Samsung and Asus have somehow modified the android code and were able to bypass these restrictions. So the OnePlus developer team can work on this too without big issues.

    This feature would be heavily appreciated by all the gamers as a lot of people who want to share their online gaming skills with the world would find it just one tap away. This will also increase the demand of OnePlus phones among gamers, as companies like Asus who are providing such audio/video recording capabilities in their ROG series phones are priced much higher.

    This feature is already available on all iOS devices but there isn't a single android right now which can do this reliably and effectively.
    As i have already mentioned, their are third party recording apps available on google play, but they can't record internal audio of any game, thus leaving them useless.
    Their are manufacturers like Samsung and Asus who have this feature in their phones, but is only present in their flagship phones which costs a lot. Samsung never targets it's Phones on gamer's but OnePlus should as it's quite popular among young people.

    I have attached some Sketches which can show the implementation of this feature in oxygen OS.


    1549365662908.jpg 1549365848879.jpg

  2. eliamarisio
    Froyo Feb 5, 2019

  3. anirudhchaudhry007
    Donut Feb 5, 2019

    anirudhchaudhry007 , Feb 5, 2019 :
    Yeah buddy it's extremely crucial, inability to share cause us to rely on ios devices. Sad!

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  4. toastytoast1234
    Marshmallow Feb 5, 2019

    toastytoast1234 , Feb 5, 2019 :
    I routinely respond HELL NO to the usual 30 requests per day for this, but 10/10 for actually putting some effort into this

    I still don't need / want it.

  5. anirudhchaudhry007
    Donut Feb 5, 2019

    anirudhchaudhry007 , Feb 5, 2019 :
    All for making it the best mobile OS. Btw Thanks dude, really appreciate it.

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  6. shezack
    Gingerbread Feb 6, 2019

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  7. FaleshC
    KitKat Feb 7, 2019

    FaleshC , Feb 7, 2019 :
    i was kinda tired of seeing all the useless requests for screen recorder.
    but for this one i would vote yes, it will be a nice addition for gamers atleast. i am casual mobile gamer and i prefer my pc for that, but i would love to see something like this on Oxygen OS.
    and this will atleast shut so many useless posts.... ;-)

  8. C1549446538581
    Cupcake Feb 7, 2019

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  9. anirudhchaudhry007
    Donut Feb 7, 2019

    anirudhchaudhry007 , Feb 7, 2019 :
    Thankyou so much for your feedback brother! This feature wouldn't have been so important if android could simply allow third party recording apps to have internal audio access. But since there is a Restriction i guess OnePlus should definitely work on it as it would benefit a whole lot of gamers.

  10. aQsede
    Cupcake Feb 8, 2019

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  11. astracd
    Gingerbread Feb 8, 2019

    astracd , Feb 8, 2019 :
    There are apps that do this. I'm using them and they work great. Go Google play store search for screen recorder there are plenty, pick one that you prefer and enjoy.

  12. aQsede
    Cupcake Feb 8, 2019

    aQsede , Feb 8, 2019 :
    You can't record internal audio and obviously competitive games for example PUBG Mobile blocked 3rd party app that because it's overlay and not a system app.

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  13. anirudhchaudhry007
    Donut Feb 8, 2019

    anirudhchaudhry007 , Feb 8, 2019 :
    i would suggest you to first read whole thread and then give your opinion.

  14. astracd
    Gingerbread Feb 8, 2019

    astracd , Feb 8, 2019 :
    It records external sound just fine, and it is easy to convert app to system app ...

    There is work around to make it work, if you really need this option... Where is will there is way ...

    I'm not here to argue just don't see this will go through. So giving you guys tips to make it work yourself if you really need this.

  15. aQsede
    Cupcake Feb 8, 2019

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  16. anirudhchaudhry007
    Donut Feb 8, 2019

    anirudhchaudhry007 , Feb 8, 2019 :
    no he doesn't know the simple difference between internal audio and external audio XD

  17. anirudhchaudhry007
    Donut Feb 8, 2019

    anirudhchaudhry007 , Feb 8, 2019 :
    There is no way any third party app could record the internal audio of android device without oem implementation. There is a different between internal and external audio and we would want the internal audio to get recorded for recording gameplay's and all so please read the thread and research properly before giving your feedback.

  18. PrakarshX
    Honeycomb Feb 11, 2019

    PrakarshX , Feb 11, 2019 :
    Brother I couldn't agree more with you. This feature is definitely a must. But even if OnePlus implemented it, it would be redundant since Android q will have inbuilt screen recording feature and addition of API which will allow us to record internal audio. Just wait for Q, that's what I'm doing.

  19. Aquib1999
    Gingerbread Feb 23, 2019

    Aquib1999 , Feb 23, 2019 :
    I have a request plz add screen recorder with internal audio in oxygen os bcz We love to game on this beast and record gameplay
    But No app on playstore allow to record screen with internal audio
    I mean these are the basic feature for a perfect smartphone
    They must allow to record internal sound atleast for games
    After all this is 2019
    people love to watch Android gameplay or live stream on YouTube , like pubg gameplay even ASPHALT 9 and fortnite
    (Many of my friend switched to iPhone, Samsung or xiaomi so they can live stream or share GAMEPLAY videos with system sound)
    And I'm still hoping that Oneplus gonna add this in oxygen os
    Because as of now we can't do this even after root

  20. Aquib1999
    Gingerbread Feb 23, 2019

    Aquib1999 , Feb 23, 2019 :
    with system sounds
    System sound + mic
    To record gameplay or live stream
    Because OnePlus is best for Mobile gaming
    And as of now i use mobizen to record screen and gameplays but sadly there is no system sound .
    But my mobile gaming community have
    Rog phone
    They all record gameplay with system sound
    I hope OnePlus gonna add this feature ASAP