#PMChallenge - Indexed fast search in OnePlus Shelf

  1. uppermosteN
    Donut Feb 6, 2019

    uppermosteN , Feb 6, 2019 :
    Who are the users?

    • Powerful feature for any OnePlus power/brief user.

    What is the proposed function?

    • A powerful index-based search bar integrated in the OnePlus shelf. Any file and app in your phone at the reach of your fingertips. A proposed design for it can be seen in the following GIF:
    • [​IMG]

    • Also, this could work with a gesture, without having to swipe to the Shelf and tapping on the search icon; you could implement a two-finger swipe from the left side that would go to the shelf and directly activate the search bar without the need to tap on the search icon. Its simple, powerful and fast; the stuff that defines OnePlus.

    What is the user value?

    • I can't stress enough how important this feature would be for the majority of users who work with lots of files. I'm also pretty sure there is no Android OS which has this feature integrated somewhere in the UI - the Shelf is the best place to put this in!

    • This would make the OnePlus shelf much more productive since you would just need to swipe left and "talk" to the shelf or write a search phrase for any file/app on your device. For example, you are a student who's looking for his PDFs or eBooks from college and needs to navigate to them fast without going to a file manager - he would just need to search "<PDF name>" or as much as he remembers from the filename. The searching list can be sorted by recent/date modified.

    • All this without the need to go to your file manager app. Also, I can propose an idea for the search algorithm; it is based on Everything's capabilities. Basically, its an open-source software that indexes each and every file in your system and when you search anything, the results come instantly since the app knows all the files in the system.

    • The value lies in the uniqueness of this feature across any Android phone out there. OnePlus' OxygenOS has always been a practical OS and this would make it even better.

    If there are existing comparable functions in the smartphone industry, how is your proposed feature superior?

    • I think Apple's iOS has something similar which searches your phone for anything but it doesn't have the speed and completeness of the indexing algorithm I proposed above. It certainly doesn't perform as wanted.
    • There is an app on the Play Store built on the idea of "Everything" but it would just be way better if it would be integrated by the OxygenOS team right in the UI: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.teampentagon.everythinglite&hl=ro

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  2. phr33piepl0x
    Cupcake Feb 6, 2019

    phr33piepl0x , Feb 6, 2019 :
    I can see this being useful and easily implementable, as the included file manager can do this search quite well, so it should be as easy as connecting that search to outside of the manager itself.

  3. uppermosteN
    Donut Feb 6, 2019

    uppermosteN , Feb 6, 2019 :
    Well, the File Manager search needs some refining but yes, it could work as a search module for this feature but the UI choices in the Shelf need to be minimalist to prevent clutter. I know tons of Android people who would love such a search bar handy.

  4. Chuck_James
    Honeycomb Feb 6, 2019

  5. uppermosteN
    Donut Feb 6, 2019

    uppermosteN , Feb 6, 2019 :
    Android 9 has such a large variety of UI elements that this feature would display seamlessly on the current interface.
    It doesn't need a lot of changes but I'm sure the search algorithm can be improved - maybe using machine learning besides the indexed search.

  6. phr33piepl0x
    Cupcake Feb 6, 2019

    phr33piepl0x , Feb 6, 2019 :
    Definitely, and I sounded unenthusiastic, I didn't mean that. I'd love to see this! I use my phone work work sometimes and store files because looking them up on File Manager is easier than iOS (and the display is nicer on my OP6 than my work iPhone 8) so a fast lookup from the shelf would be very welcome.

  7. uppermosteN
    Donut Feb 6, 2019

    uppermosteN , Feb 6, 2019 :
    That is exactly my use case. Also, most of the people at my workplace got OnePlus devices and besides Slack we use them for our communications and some of the filesharing. Practicality at its best!

  8. Venky61
    Jelly Bean Feb 11, 2019

    Venky61 , Feb 11, 2019 :
    Ok.. why not include this in the Search bar of the App Drawer itself. The search can result in both apps, files and web search.
    There's already quick gesture available to open the search bar in the App Drawer.

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  9. ArcadiyKulchinskiy
    Froyo Feb 11, 2019

  10. uppermosteN
    Donut Feb 11, 2019

    uppermosteN , Feb 11, 2019 :
    This could definitely work as well!

    It wouldn't. Indexing would be scheduled first time you open your phone or the first time you set it up. As more files are modified or added, indexing occurs seemlessly in the filesystem. Check the Windows App, Everything, I linked in my top post to get an idea what I'm talking about.

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