#PMChallenge: Internet only mode

  1. krcavojt
    Donut Feb 10, 2019

    krcavojt , Feb 10, 2019 :
    Dear Community,

    Internet only mode is an option in "Wireless & Networks" settings menu. It allows the user to turn off the cellular networks while maintaining internt access via 4G networks.

    Who are the users?
    Anyone who needs to shut off calls and SMSs while staying connected to internet. There might be 2 reasons for doing that: (1.) Save battery, (2.) Less interruption. This is showed on examples in section "What is the user value?".
    What is the proposed function?
    This mode shuts off call and SMS cellular networks (2G or 3G) and maintains the 4G network for data transfers on.
    What is the user value?
    (1.) It is handy in emergency situation when you need to look for directions on a map or you wait for important Whatsapp call or you answer business emails but your battery is almost flat.
    (2.) It is also great for scenarios when you need to focus on writing emails or focus on Skype conference call and you don't want to be interrupted with calls or messages (Even in silent mode the call still shows on the phone).
    If there are existing comparable functions in the smartphone industry, how is your proposed feature superior?
    There is a possibility to block incoming calls but the phone still receives SMSs and it still drains the battery because it doesn't shut the cellular networking off.
    Same functionality could be achieved by using the airplane mode and turning the WiFi on. But this only works when the WiFi is available.
    This exact feature has never been implemented in the industry. It is a feature that could make OnePlus phone experience more pleasant.

    IMG_20190210_123423.jpg Scetch 1: Shows the implementation of the toggle for Internet only mode in Wireless & Networks settings menu.
    IMG_20190210_123430.jpg Scetch 2: Shows the main idea of this mode. There are currently used icons for connectivity on the left and a proposed new icon on the right. There is a couple of design options for this new icon.

    It shouldn't be hard to implement this feature. From frontend point of view: It only adds one toggle into settings and one new icon to notifications bar. From backend point of view: It is already possible to switch between certain networks and therefore it should be easy to just allow 4G and turn other networks off.

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  2. LegolasX
    Jelly Bean Feb 10, 2019

    LegolasX , Feb 10, 2019 :
    hmm, but you do know enabling only 4G network will cut off all calls too?
    why? because not many networks have 4G VoLTE calling yet!!
    and we know that cellular data uses more battery if active all the time.
    so the whole point of this idea is done for.
    why not use battery saver or propose for ultra power saving?

  3. dhiraj
    Donut Feb 10, 2019

    dhiraj , Feb 10, 2019 :
    One place where i see this useful is,if you are using mobile hotspot for using net on any other system and don't want any interruption (e.g a scenario that happened with my friend a while ago that she was using mobile hotspot for giving some exam through laptop but she got call from someone and that was end because internet got disconnected and exam was auto submitted) .So yep this one seems feasible in some scenario.

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  4. krcavojt
    Donut Feb 10, 2019

    krcavojt , Feb 10, 2019 :
    Yes, that is exactly my point. This feature would cut off the calls and SMS and would only maintain the internet connection. Read my whole post again and you will get the idea why that is useful.
    It would be possibly to use my proposed mode with battery saver. That makes sense for the reason (1.). My proposed mode would save even more battery as it cuts off old cellular networks (2G, 3G) that consume quite a lot of power too.

  5. krcavojt
    Donut Feb 10, 2019

    krcavojt , Feb 10, 2019 :
    Thanks for this argument. Another reason why my proposal makes sense as a new feature for OP devices.

    My recent experience was that I was on vacation and I did some random walking around and took a lot of photos. The battery got almost flat and I was really hoping that it would last so that I can use Google Maps to navigate myself to my accommodation and to find me a suitable public transport, otherwise I would be lost. My proposed feature would give me a little bit more battery.

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  6. dhiraj
    Donut Feb 10, 2019

    dhiraj , Feb 10, 2019 :
    Welcome Mate Please do read my thread and give suggestions.PEACE

  7. ayyelo
    Cupcake Feb 11, 2019

    ayyelo , Feb 11, 2019 :
    What if they forget the Internet mode on? What then? Their phone is essentially dead.

  8. nii.b
    Cupcake Feb 11, 2019

  9. LegolasX
    Jelly Bean Feb 11, 2019

    LegolasX , Feb 11, 2019 :
    basically, you are asking 4G only mode that can be set via *#4636*#*# ?
    as i stated earlier 4G only mode will not allow calls for non Volte carriers, so what if its emergency and someone needs to call you?
    if battery saving is your final goal why not put in aeroplane mode and enable data when needed.
    or why not use battery saver or propose ultra power saver?
    i don't get it, why 4G only internet mode?

  10. Venky61
    Jelly Bean Feb 11, 2019

    Venky61 , Feb 11, 2019 :
    I disagree for first usage scenario of saving the battery. You are getting 4G from the cellular network and using it will drain the battery in the same rate as with the Calls and SMS turned ON, unless you are forced to talk on phone if call connected.
    Rather to save battery in such scenario, background usage of data by apps that are not required has to be paused or terminated with some power saving mode.

    If you are talking about the second case of "no interruptions", then basically you can ask for a DND mode with internet ON. I would suggest to focus the application of your idea to that.