#PMChallenge "IOS-ish 2 step unlock with notifications"

  1. ZaulliK
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    ZaulliK , Feb 5, 2019 :

    Have you ever seen a friend with an Apple device that has his sensitive content hidden on the lockscreen but with a glance at his phone gets it to show without having to fully unlock the device? Have you ever wondered if there was a similar feature buried in the deep maze of android? Well I personally have but wasn't able to find anything similar so here's my idea.

    Who are the users?

    Potentially every OP user

    What is the user value?

    Well let's say that you don't always want to unlock the phone as you probably get distracted by it, you only want to an answer to important notifications from your lockscreen but you can't since as of now in order to do so you have to unlock your phone. Let's even suppose you don't want to show your notifcations around ('cause you have a story with your friend's girlfriend and you don't want him to know :p) and you want to answer notifications (her messages) from your comfortable lockscreen. Well you can't! I am one of these people too (apart for the girlfriend thing though :D). But this can become more than a dream, with this idea.

    What is the proposed function?

    What i propose is a mimic of the IOS feature but with more flexibility since not everybody would want this and still prefers to fully unlock the phone. The best way i can think of it being activated is by using face unlock but it will not be bound to a specific unlock method, there should be an option to select, that enables the double step unlock (best name that came to my mind...). Once it is enabled notifications will collapse as soon as the phone is unlocked, show their content and potentially let you quick reply to them.
    Let's picture out a case scenario with me as the (handsome) test user (names can be different, i'll buy an OP soon...i'm on AOSP Pie now sorry):
    -Open Settings
    -Navigate to "Security & Location"->"Screen Lock" and setup the unlock method i prefer
    -Navigate to "Security & Location"->"Lock Screen preferences"->"On Lock Screen" and select "Hide Sensitive Content"
    -Navigate back to "Security & Location" and press the gear icon next to the "Screen Lock" option and there should be an entry titled "Two Steps Unlocking" and description "Collapse notification and show their content, if there is any, before unlocking the device on the lockscreen and allow for quick reply from there" with a switch next to it to enable it.

    There could actually be only some unlock methods that support this (best choice being face unlock) so the option could be blanked out if not supported by the unlocking method or shown only if it is

    If there are existing comparable functions in the smartphone industry, how is your proposed feature superior?

    Let's say it'll be at the same level as the IOS' one but with the flexibility that android provides given that not everybody needs it but will probably make you stick to it if enabled. This is in my opinion one of the few features that makes IOS easy, fast, user-centered, simple and really interesting (will never change from android though hehehe).

    Anything else?

    Here are the images i promised, i'm not really good at image editing tho so don't keep your expectations too high rofl
    first.png second.png third.png
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    zupe73 , Feb 5, 2019 :
    I wanted to post the same! Haha but I can't because I'm a new member and can only post in "Starting Point" :(

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