#PMChallenge Lift-Up Display/Always On Display

  1. MarcusRobinson
    Cupcake Feb 6, 2019

    MarcusRobinson , Feb 6, 2019 :
    Oneplus has a general focus on customisability when it comes to its software, though there are a few lacking features that irk me in regard to the lift-up display, in particular, the '1' on the clock will always appear as red, understandably as a nod to Oneplus' colour scheme, but the ability to change this colour to match the rest of the accent colour in the UI would honestly be my dream feature, as minor as it is.
    This feature could be included under the ambient display section, below lift up display.
    As a side note, If the lift-up display could have the option of being enabled as an always-on display, I'd love this too, there's no need to go into technical details regarding this second feature, as I know it has existed in the past but was removed due to battery concerns (surely an ability to disable the feature would resolve any concerns as to battery drainage).

    Who are the Users? Anyone looking to customise their device in the truest sense
    What is the proposed function? The Ability to change the colour of certain 'Oneplus Red' elements throughout the OS, such as on the lift up display or the calculator.
    What is the User Value? Freedom to customise, as is in line with Oneplus' general UI attitude.

    Apologies for the crude attempt at design, it's not my strong point.

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