#PMChallenge : Live Wallaper & Better function on app drawer Search Bar

  1. Rrasyiid
    Cupcake Feb 21, 2019

    Rrasyiid , Feb 21, 2019 :
    My name is Rasyiid Ramadhan and i want to share my idea for the next generation of this smartphone.Thanks to all Senior Member and the developer for give us a chance to share opinion&idea to make a useful features for OnePlus.

    Who are the users?
    All Users who want a new experience with their homescreen and usually get bored for their smartphone.Also User who want an efficiently/save your time to find something on their smartphone.

    What is the proposed function?
    To combine your favorite wallpapers into 1 so you don't have to change it manually and to save more time for you when you want to find your friend's contact.

    What is the user value?
    To make the users more enjoy with their phone and you don't have to waste more time to find contact

    If there are existing functions in the smartphone industry, how is your proposed feature superior?
    Based on my experience for using a smartphone, i never found feature like Live Wallpaper with combine any common wallpaper. Same on the search bar which can search contact.

    So we dont have to waste any time and let's go to the topic.

    - Live Wallpaper
    Most of people download wallpapers they like and they set as a homescreen wallpaper. But if you get bored of your wallpaper, you have to change it manually on a system and it takes time to do that. So I start to think that this Live Wallpaper features will help those people who wants a new view on their smartphone. In this features, you can add wallpapers you like (up to 10 wallpaper) and you can set the delay time to change the wallpapers

    First method

    1.Long tap on your home screen and it wil show wallpaper,widget, and setting menu.



    2. Tap on the wallpaper. First it will goes to common wallpaper, so you have to tap Live wallpaper.

    3. Then tap the square with (+) button. On the other side there are animated wallpaper but the wallpaper you choose will show there.



    4. And it will bring you to Live wallpaper setting. Tap the square with (+) button to add the wallpaper you want, right beside that is a wallpaper preview that will show you the wallpaper you have chosen.

    5. You can also set the time to change the wallpaper, you can set it on a a seconds, minutes, or hours.

    6. On changing effect is for wallpaper’s changing animation. You can change it to Fade effect , Black and White effect


    Second Method

    1.Go to Gallery and long tap the wallpaper you want. It will change to select mode.

    2. Choose the wallpaper you want ( Max 10) and tap the triple dot button, there will be a 3 option, Favorite, Live wallpaper, Detail.

    3. Tap the Live wallpaper option and it will brings you to Live Wallpaper setting.


    - Contact result on Search Bar

    On this Search bar, not only to search your apps, but you can also find your contact. This is very efficient rather than you open the contact and type the name.

    Instruction :
    1.Open the App Drawer and tap the search bar
    2.Just type any Alphabet (e.g S) and it will show your apps with initial S and your contact with initial S.


    I'm sorry if you have to open the link for see the image, i try to input the image but it didn't show any image.

    I thank to staff member for giving us this opportunity and bring these awesome contests for us.
    Thanks :)
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