#PMChallenge - Make the Top portion of screen accessible with one hand

  1. i_need_one_2
    Cupcake Feb 20, 2019

    i_need_one_2 , Feb 20, 2019 :

    All users of tall devices these days become our targeted users for this functionality.

    Proposed Function:

    With phones increasingly getting taller day by day, reaching the top half of the screen in one handed use is almost impossible. many times in a day every user feels the need to use his phone one handedly and tries to reach the upper half of the screen for things like back buttons, options menus, select first item in a long list etc. Not only does this become tough day by day, it also is a very big health hazard that not many users are aware of. trying to reach the top portion of the screen using our thumb by extending it beyond reach causes so much stress on the finger muscles.

    User value:

    makes the use of the device using a single hand as easy as possible making them forget the pain of using tall devices in one hand.

    Existing solutions:

    Apple - by far the best solution called Reachability. uses a double tap (not press) of the finger print sensor to move the x,y origin of the device screen to almost to the middle of the screen. this brings down the top of the screen to within the users reach. - Problem -> the bottom half of the screen gets way below the visible area of the screen. and the user cannot continue using the screen in this mode for a long time due to that inconvenience.

    Samsung/LG - have solutions like bringing down the entire screen size to a smaller real estate and positioning it in the center of the display. not ideal for many users since it looks less pleasing to the eys and also destroys the purpose of getting bigger display devices by making the display smaller.

    Samsung - one UI concept where most screens dont have clickable/actionable buttons at the top half of the display there by not making user having to reach out single handedly. but issue is, things like scrolling still need the user to reach to the top, and 3 rd party apps cannot be forced to do this.

    Proposed Solution:

    a simple gesture or button press (what ever we want to use to trigger this reachability mode is trivial for the purpose of this discussion), will invert the display coordinates such that the 0,0 origin of the display now is the left bottom corner. and the screen coordinates grow upwards.

    So the first row of pixels now becomes the bottom most row, the second row of pixels become the second from bottom and so on.

    Benefits: user has no difference in new screen size, no reduced display sizes, no impact on 3rd party apps. and most of all solution works for all android apps.