#PMChallenge - Multi SIM Load balancing

  1. mr.gosh
    Cupcake Feb 5, 2019

    mr.gosh , Feb 5, 2019 :
    1. Who are the users?
    All users of multiple sim-cards in one phone

    2. What is the proposed function?
    If I have multiple sim cards in one device i want to be able to use them more beneficial.
    - For Data Traffic for example there should be an option to "use the sim with better reception"
    - For Data there should be an option to "aggregate the traffic on both sim cards to one big interlink"
    - For phone calls there could be an option "makln to the line with better reception during a call" - ok this is hard, but possible!

    - for data links there should possibly be different traffic limits per sim card (on sim1 i have 6gb traffic from 15. of moth per mont / on sim 2 are 10 gb free traffic from 1. of moth per month) if the traffic is drawn off - the laod balancer could still make use of two slow connections to on "no so slow anymore" connection

    3. What is the user value?
    more usability and bandwith of multi sim functions

    4. If there are existing comparable functions in the smartphone industry, how is your proposed feature superior?
    - load ballancing / link aggregation was seen before - but nothing with a bit more intelligent setup.
    - phone call shifting was never presented before...

    Could look like this:
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  2. Sridhar Ananthanarayanan
    Lollipop Feb 5, 2019

    Sridhar Ananthanarayanan , Feb 5, 2019 :
    I don't think for making calls, the phone should decide which sim to use. That should be a decision we must make.

    As with data aggregation, I think it is possible on rooted devices.

  3. mr.gosh
    Cupcake Feb 5, 2019

  4. mr.gosh
    Cupcake Feb 5, 2019

    mr.gosh , Feb 5, 2019 :
    yes of course - the user needs to decide which number to use for outgoing phone calls - but the device could still silently makeln from one numebr to the other when there is an reception problem...

  5. mr.gosh
    Cupcake Feb 5, 2019

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