#PMChallenge - navigation gestures split screen improvements

  1. Arghus Donut Feb 13, 2019

    Arghus, Feb 13, 2019 :
    I really liked navigation gestures but at it's current state feels a bit clunky so i went back to buttons because i use split screen a lot,
    easy to deploy with double click on recent button..

    #PM Challenge - navigation gestures split screen improvements

    Who Are The Users - Everyone in this community who uses navigation gestures and split screen often.

    What Is The Proposed Function - To ease the way split screen is activated in navigation gestures mode, and add a switch main/secondary screen

    What Is The User Value - faster and smoother way to activate split screen mode and swap the main with the secondary screen.

    To activate split screen on current app simply swipe up and to the left..

    then simply select the secondary app..

    And from here swiping along the edge in either landscape or portrait mode would allow to swap main and secondary screen to either just change the order or to allow for an app swap..