#PMChallenge Night Mode Screen off,Network switching to 2g/relaiable & travel mode

  1. Mohit240791 Cupcake Feb 8, 2019

    Mohit240791, Feb 8, 2019 :
    Sugg 1- Night mode like i am the social media freak and kept my internet open 24 hours.so, in night mode once i slept my phone kept receiving social , sms and phone screen kept switching on which is unnecessary for those 5-6 hours.

    Implementation- In night mode, phone must track for the idle time like phone unlock time greater than 30 min then phone screen remain off untill the next unlock will save battery

    Suggestion 2- In Night , Network switching to battery saver mode like 2g untill the next phone unlock

    Implementation 2- same can be done with the network to 2g and switch back to 4g once phone make unlock as mention in implementaion 1.

    suggestion 3- Travel mode

    Implementation 3 - If my location changes acc to GPS with speed of 30-40 then phone knows i am travelling may be on bike/car/some other medium.

    If i plug earphone in phone then phone can ask through a popup that r u travlling by bike/car/just chilling

    Depends user on bike phone can do activate option like calling caller name , listen to owner on long press and dial call for him internal assistance (without network use) , can switch network to 2g untill the next unlock or user request though the voice assistance.

    Different option can be implemented for car travelling

    All can save battery and in practicle usagw will give greater benefit to the user and will be the number boosting for any presentation.

    Mohit setia this side
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  2. Mohit240791 Cupcake Feb 8, 2019

    Mohit240791, Feb 8, 2019 :
    Who can wake up the phone screen

    1) user unlock

    2) a phone call

    3) alarm

    4) Reminder

    I dont remember how many times u wake up after an sms appear on phone.

    Last night my phone ate my 25% of battery because of network/ display turn on when a twitter/insta/snapchat/facebook/app notification arrive on my phone. Which can be saved by atleast 20-23% if my phone turn smarter when i sleep.