#PMChallenge - One hand Quick settings access and creating customizable quick settings toggles

  1. Raghavkma
    Froyo Feb 11, 2019

    Raghavkma , Feb 11, 2019 :
    Dear Community Members and One Plus team -

    Every day i use the quick settings menu to switch on and off either wifi because one of the wifi modules is not working in my house or use inverted colors for reading. But their is not smoothness in being able to reach the quick settings. If i am using my phone with one hand i have to extend my thumb to the top of the screen . Swipe two times to get to the quick settings menu and then bring my thumb way down at the bottom of the screen to close the drop down to continue doing what i am doing.The two finger swipe down is rarely used.

    There are three things i want to discuss here:

    1) one hand quick settings access:

    I have a few ways to do it depending on which navigational gesture setting a user has:

    A) If like me you have the navigational buttons instead of navigational gestures(which for me are lacking responsiveness right now)

    There should be an option for ***Open/Close Quick Settings Menu *** in Settings--> Navigation bar and gestures --> Navigation bar customization ---> Recents(Double tap action) Like Screenshot_20190210-220705editcroped.jpg which is not currenty present.

    Now double tapping the recents button can open and close the quick settings menu easily.
    * Till One plus 6 double tapping the finger print sensor should also do the trick if its possible for one plus to support this feature*

    B) As navigational gestures will become the norm in the future and for people who use navigational gestures (navigational bar customization is unavailable). So a gesture can be added (maybe side swipe or side slow swipe or whatever one plus team deems fit for the purpose of opening quick settings). Refer to this #PMChallenge post just for how the side swipe gesture can be made (Not sure about the rest of the idea - https://forums.oneplus.com/threads/...reen-or-application-side-edge-gesture.996782/)

    C) Have a hover dot which can be easily enabled or disabled through a main screen widget and can be placed anywhere on the screen to open the quick settings menu like Hoverdot.png and when the quick settings menu open the hover dot should overlay over the quick settings menu(s that quick settings menu can be easily closed by clicking the hover dot) like hoverdot quick settings close.png . This is similar to what we have for closing all notifications - notification hovering.png

    **Another major issue is that the quick settings menu is at the top of the screen where it is uncomfortable to access every setting with one hand. So the proposed solution is that by using any of the above three methods we access the quick settings but the quick settings overlay in the middle of the screen like quicksettingsoverlay.png and can be closed by the methods as explained above in points A,B or C. **

    2) The second point i want to discuss is customizable settings toggle. (i am not sure if this fuctionality is currently available but i didnt find it)

    So in the settings menu there are certain toggles in sub settings menu for which i am not able to find quick settings like VOLTE toggle has no quick settings toggle . As in india i have to sometimes turn off volte because some places volte performance is not good. I have to go inside the settings menu and waste that time repititively to toggle that setting. So the proposed solution is to be able to add these sub menu toggles to quick settings easily.

    Solution is to have a checkbox list somewhere in the one plus settings for all these toggles for which quick settings button can be generated if the checkbox is selected.

    3) A way to access a settings sub menu item from a custom created quick settings button .Lets say i want to regularly change the time after which my device sleeps ...i always have to currently montonously go inside the display sub menu to make this change. If i quickly bring that particular item in my quick settings menu it will become way easier and faster to do that.

    Now to answer the questions that you asked:

    Who are the users?
    I guess all users who use their phone mostly with one hand

    What is the proposed function?
    I have completely listed the proposed function of how one hand quick settings access can work above .I have also mentioned about why there is a need for custom quick access toggles for sub menu toggles in the settings app (like VOLTE toggle in SIM& NETWORK sub setting menu)

    What is the user value?
    There is great user value in time saving and accessing quick settings should be as the word suggests quick. It currently takes 3-4 uncomfortable swipes to get the work done and get back to what you are doing. The solution reduces that to 2 comfortable touches or swipes for opening and closing. Easily accessible to the user and doesnt create or act as a hinderance everytime.

    If there are existing comparable functions in the smartphone industry, how is your proposed feature superior?
    I only know of ios that has quick settings in two swipes but it appears from bottom when swiped upward . It also provides two swipe access for opening and closing the menu. You could make it similar to ios if you want but i dont know if you can face problems with apple if you directly copy. And also if someone is on navigational gestures i am not sure if that will create a hinderence with existing gestures. The feature i proposed is just to get two touch quick settings access for our device on par with others in the industry . I dont know if that will be superior though. And please make this happen so that this repititive pain of opeing and closing quick settings is removed. if some design cues from apple help you make our exerience better you are obviously free to do so.

    Thank you all.
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