#PMChallenge OnePlus 6 Connect more than 1 speaker by Bluetooth

  1. _timsalomon_
    Eclair Feb 21, 2019

    _timsalomon_ , Feb 21, 2019 :
    What is the proposed function?

    Everybody knows the problem, with listening to music by Bluetooth.
    Imagine: You are at a party or at home and want to listen to music with
    more than just one speaker with the same smartphone? This is impossible yet.
    It would be very cool, to have a OnePlus music app, where you can connect more than one bluetooth speaker at one time and do a cool party.

    Who are the users?

    Everyone who loves to listen to music and wants to have a better, cooler sound than before.

    What is the user value?

    The user value is, that you can listen to music without any limits!

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